This little quarter of the city is a quiet one. It is where the 'other people' live, those who do not have enough numbers to 'take over' a given district in the city like The Orcen or The Chinese. It is a quiet district where many languages can be heard. There are several small temples and shrines here, to Gods and cults 'less worshiped' in these lands. The shop signs and windows have two, sometimes three languages on them... often relying on pictoglyphs to express what they are. There are even schools and academies teaching in odd languages or odd skills. There is a modest building where a small indoor market is held most days, the stalls catering to their local ethnic and racial groups (very few non-humans live here.... it is mostly small groups of humans from other lands).

The unspoken rule is live with each other or else. This district has had 'punitive' actions taken against it before, as the city would rather these people not be here or if they are here, to 'fit in' better. So the city council is looking for excuses to purge or annex the district.

The Locals provide most of their own services, lamp lighting and fire brigades. The locals work together to keep the peace, rather than counting on the Watch (which normally ignores them). So peoples who are 'at odds' in the world at large often work together here. If the peace is kept, there will be no reason for the Watch OR the city council to poke into their business.

Note 1: There are more windows here than in the rest of the city. Glass craft is a true artform in other lands, and those glass crafter shops are here. They give the locals a discount to help beautify their homes.

Note 2: Given the windows, this district uses clay and wax food in the windows to show the menu. This is a characteristic found only in this district... though many have commented upon it and might use it in their normal restaurants.

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