Fajro Mang'i, also known as Fire Eaters, are a reclusive tribe of Keirn that holds secrets thought long lost. They have a magic specific to their tribe that they do not let anyone else know these hidden truths. They have a unique magic solely understood by their Sacerdoto (Shaman or Witch Doctor). They select those in the tribe who are worthy of this magic and perform a lost Naming Ritual to prepare the Chosen's body for this magic. They cover the bodies of those chosen with tattoo's specific to their magic. Once these tattoos have been applied in their Naming Ritual, those gifted then have powers similar to other mage spells without having to use a focus staff. These tattoos are specific for each spell, so the runes used are very similar to the ones that are carved on the focus staves of the magic users. They have either discovered a way to bring an old magic back, or have found a new way to use magic, which they are not sharing with anyone else.

Those who are recipients of this ritual have no idea what the Sacerdoto do to get these effects to work. All they are told is that the power was within them and they just gave a focal point to release the energies. Whether this is true or not is under speculation, but whatever the reason or answer is, they have a way to cast spells without the use of the focus staves. The tattoos are all done during the ritual and may not be attempted again, so all the tattoo's done during the ritual are the only ones that the Chosen one may receive. The average chosen have around four to five tattoos, with some having as many as twelve. The rest of the tribe views these Verkies or Chosen as superiors, some even becoming other Sacerdoto. Most though are revered as warriors and appointed places in high regard in the clans and the entire tribe. Most of the clan leaders are of the Verkies and are chosen because of their prowess and skills as a leader and warrior.

The ways of the warrior mean everything to the Fajro Mang'i and battle stories, trophies, and feats of strength and prowess hold weight for leadership. Every year the clans get together and have a huge Feast to celebrate the passing of another year. All grievances are forgiven, all debts respectfully paid, and all feuds are forgotten. This does not include Blood Feuds however, but there is also an unspoken rule of all Blood Feuds are to be held in check while in the Feast. The main reason for this Feast is the new appointment of the Atokrato, or the leader over the entire clan. One member is chosen from each clan by their clan, normally it is the Verkies who are chosen but occasionally they have declined and appointed someone else.

Those chosen are then set against one another and the last person standing gains title of Atokrato. No weapons or magic may be used; only the physical prowess of each individual can be used. The contest has traditional meaning and so must be done a certain way. Each person chosen must enter yelling his deeds to those watching. Occasionally someone will back out after hearing the deeds of another bowing out in respect for their skills, then a show of strength where everyone must lift an object and move it to a certain point. Those who make the distance are then placed into a large ring lined with broken glass and pottery and must battle each other until only one person is standing. No one is allowed weapons, magic or even clothes during this last event. Anyone thrown from the ring is out, anyone knocked out is out, and anyone who bows out is out. The last one standing on is then Atokrato of the entire tribe. Rarely is anyone killed during this, but scrapes from the hot sand, broken bones, and deep cuts from the glass and pottery are common.

All males are warriors and protectors of everyone in their family, clan, and tribe. No exception. When a young male reaches fourteen years of age, they must prove their manhood by being bound with their hands behind their backs and blind folded with stout cloth and stripped to their small clothes and left out in the plains far from their village. They young man must make it home fully clothed with a trophy kill to be considered a man of the tribe.

The Fajro Mang'i is different than some of the other tribes among the Keirn, mainly because of where they have chosen to live. They have given up on their nomadic ways and have hollowed out their homes in the cliff faces along the coast. Dangerous pathways lead down to their villages that make it difficult to attack their homes at best. Their homes are dug deep into the cliff face and lead deep underground for protection from the winter's icy touch. While they do not have a strong navy, they do have small boats called curragh that they use for fishing off the coast. These small boats are made by covering a wicker frame with leather and oilcloth and can fit roughly six men with minimal difficulty. They have been known to use these boats for swift raids on some of the small coastal villages of other Keirn during times of unrest, or even raiding groups of the corrupted up the northern coast for trails of manhood.

They are a very proud people and respect honor over birth station any day. Woman have a purpose in their society and it is the raising of the children and keeping of the home. They mend, repair, cook, farm, and generally keep most of the daily work done while the men are fishing, hunting, or warring. They respect their woman however with something close to respect of a Chieftain. A saying among the Fajro Mang'i is, 'A Chieftain rules over his people, protects his people, and respects the Gods who placed him over his people, but he is commanded by his wife while at home.' Anyone caught showing what they would call disrespect toward a woman answers to every male in view of the disagreeable action and must make account to bring the woman back peace. This normally isn't a problem among other Fajro Mang'i, it is however common among some of the other tribes, and even some of the other races and their different customs.

Plot Hooks
The PC's enter the village or gathering of the men during their Feast of Choosing. Stumbling in on a sacred tribal ritual is not as shocking as when the Sacerdoto call out in a loud resonating voice that one of the members of the PC's will be allowed to fight for the right of being the Atokrato. To be chosen when an outsider is never heard of, but to decline it is dishonorable and a slight to the current Atokrato. What shall they do?

The PC's are traveling in the northlands and come across a young boy no more than fourteen with his face covered and his hands bound behind his back. He is struggling against his bonds as a low growl can be heard from the forest edge only a few hundred feet away. To save the boy and dishonor him by rescuing him from the animal, or leave the boy to his own? If the PC's know little to nothing of the Fajio Mang'i they may not know this is a test of manhood and help him. Explain that to his father who is the Atokrato of the tribes.

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