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April 29, 2008, 12:49 pm

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Keepers of The Watch


We are The Keepers. We will keep you noble and strong.

In the Old Days, Mankind had grown corrupt. His mind had become weak as he let machines think for him and numb his mind with senseless diversions. The governments were both tyranical and powerless, dictating meaningless things, yet allowing anarchy in important areas. Their power to wage war had become so great that they dared not use it, thus allowing great injustices to go unadressed. Great Gangs grew based on technology to numb the mind of others, to allow them escape from the sickness that was their world. The technology which had brought Mankind so far, now threatened to destroy him either directly or through waste products. The Earth itself began to rebell against this horror, throwing disaster after disaster against these corrupted people.

The Old Days needed to end, to save Humanity.

The Keepers began as a loose movement. A core took and held the center. They created a plan and mobilized it. Gathering together those of like mind and those who would like to live in their society, they created several "centers" that would become the foundations of the future world. By guile almost unworthy of Civilized People, they launched pieces that would become The Watchtower. Assembled in a lightning move, they stood poised to save Humanity from itself. They gave the ultimatium, "The anarchy of society and technology would stop. Society would return to a time of Pride and Dignity. Those that will not join, will be stopped." The Watchtower then lanced the great centers of war from those days gone by. Those boils of social cancer destroyed, they moved on sweeping away the hypernetworks of linked minds and computers and those techological things which made Man’s life "too easy".

Slowly, deliberately, they destroyed the soul crushing technology of The Old Days. Many died during the time of the First Sweeps because they could not live without the technology they had become addicted to and refused to live in a better way. A few of the Governments showed the backbone they once had to actually lead their people, but because they rebelled against the Keeper’s rules, they were lanced by focused beams of the PPG, leaving only ruins of twisted metal as a warning to others.

From the Centers, Civilization spread out. Strong, Noble, and Honorable, they embraced those who would join them and were ruthless to the others.

The Keepers believe that all societies experience a heroic age, an age of imperial might and an age of decline. The Keeper’s actions, going back to Old Times, centuries before, are all engineered to keep the Civilized People in a perpetual heroic age and avoid what they view as the decline of civilization that occurred during the early and mid 21st century. To achieve this end, they will continually promote the rise of The Civilized People’s empire, and then bring it crashing down through internal discontent. This sets the stage for an accellerated Imperial and decline stage, usually within a single lifetime, restoring the Civilized People to a state of regrowth and honor.

Phase Pulse Generator. Beyond mere electromagnetic pulses, it would disable any electrical device by altering its quanta of flow. The Great War

Game Users:
1) This could be an organization that you see in its roots. The Civilized People live in slight geographic isolation, producing agrarian goods. While they are mostly a lower tech farming community, they have a "quiet" technical branch which makes great strides in genetic engineering and other fields of technology.

2) The Times of Crisis: They could be bringing Electric Civilization to its knees. Usually they are doing this in response to some other crisis, that will impinge upon their own world

3) You could have a world where the Keeper of the Watch maintain the lower degree of technology, hunting down stashes of electric age technology, and trying to stymie any technical advances that would lead to an electrical age. 

They also manipulate society trying to make sure that its stays heroic.

The Great Civilization is a neo-feudal, clan based society. Its social mores are reminiscent of Victorian Age England, with strong echoes of the Puritan settlers of New England. The economy of the Great Civilization is almost entirely based on feudal agriculture, though there is some light industry devoted almost entirely to military production. The technology is steam-based, though far in advance of the technology of the Industrial Age (approximately equivalent to technology from the 1950s), with great advances in chemicals and biological engineering. The Great Civilization is governed by provincial Lords, who are theoretically elected to serve in the Senate in The Capital, but in practice often pass their position to their children. The highest post is held by the Consul.

There is probably a Church of State, but they keep other religions around in a lesser capacity to create some friction and a sense of "others".

Once the Keepers

This is a sub in process. This is a sub in process. This is a sub in process. This is a sub in process. This is a sub in process. This is a sub in process.

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