Karim Fjorjov (1st Vassal and Devotee of the Way of Roarck)

Setup: During the 11th year of King Moltov's rule of Parna a group of warriors and priests from Parna entered the Dwarven lands without permission of the local dwarven clan. This resulted in a brief violent encounter between several members of a dwarven warrior clan and the Parnarians. The small group of warriors and priests from Parna, which also included a member of Dwarven Teamster Guild, did and find destroy a demonic presence that had cursed both eastern Parna and the western Ven mountains. The actions of that small group benefits both the dwarven lands and Parna.

However, the insult to Dwarven sovereignty was answered by the arrest and imprisonment of several Parnarian nobles traveling within the Ven and the closure of the trade routes between the Dwarven city states within the Ven. King Moltov called together his court to discuss the best course of action with regard to impending crisis with the Dwarves.

Appearance and Impressions: In the Ator tradition manhood is achieved at nineteen, but Karim still looks a boy appearing much younger than the twenty-three years he has lived. He is six feet tall, with green eyes and fine red hair. His beard is patchy, with the hair on his chin not connecting the hair on his cheeks, and he has the long angular nose associated with his people. His face and body are slightly plump, though not obese, which only adds to his youthful appearance. When watched discretely, Karim will appear tired and fatigued, and when he believes nobody is looking his posture fails and he will appear unsteady, sickly and sad. When engaged by another person Karim is a different creature, his face is bright, he is always near a laugh, his eyes will hold steady and he has an easy way with both compliments and boasts.

Personal History and Political Positions : Karim was born in Ator and was only recently established as a noble in Parna. He was promoted to the circle of First Vassals for reasons that are not outwardly clear: even to him. However, Karim is from an established and powerful family. He is an ordained warrior of the Way. Thus his advancement is not entirely inexplicable. Yet many of his vassals (vassals of the 2nd circle) have more experience than him, and more abilities.

Prior to coming to Parna he was studying, as many Holy men of Roarck do, in the dwarven lands. Although he failed to learn the written word or master the dwarven tongue, he did participate in several military campaigns along side the dwarves. Most notably Karim fought along side the Bronzebeard clan while they exterminated the last Umber Hulk tribe in the southern Ven.

He believes that a small controlled war with the dwarves would be good for his position, because it will afford him the chance to achieve glory in battle.

Secrets : Karim has a problem with the drink and has a problem with gambling. His still young and still rich, so these vices have not caught up with him yet. Karim's rise to power was entirely due to his aunt Thorkatla. Thorkatla Fjorjov's husband died recently and she managed to play her cards at court to get her husband's lands and title into the hands of her husband's nephew Karim. Since arriving at court Karim has been having an affair with his aunt and his aunt also subtly manages the money and the property.

Skills and abilities : Karim is known for being intuitive, but without a mind for facts, figures or narratives. Karim, like most devotees of the God of War who follow the Way was trained from childhood to fight from horseback. He is a worthy horseman and is sure with a lance and mace. But he lacks the wind of truly great warriors and tires easily. He understands Roarck's teachings, and can recite almost all the laws and perform most of the rights required of Holy Warrior. But still he is no theologian. Aside from fighting and religion, he has no notable skills.

Personal Weakness or Failings : Karim is a charismatic man from a privileged family, but until recently was never vested with any responsibility. This up bringing has prevented him from encountering the open animosity of a peer. Ator men of the court insult each other, boast and ascribe to a school of rough fraternal manners that most other tribes of Parna would find insulting. But Karim finds comfort in that all his peers are of the same faith. Karim would be very slow to pick up on true hostility or loathing from somebody who is of the same faith.

Languages : Ator

Primary motivation : Love for followers of Roarck.

Karim will put Roarck's and Roacrk's followers' welfare before his own.

Secondary motivation : The Karim is being coerced by his aunt Thorkatla. Karim will behave in ways that are primarily against his character if prompted by Thorkatla. The primary tool Thorkatla uses is guilt. Karim frequents brothels and loses money at dice and on horses. Thorkatla emotes a great deal of distress and pain at these actions, and Karim will relent to her requests as a result.

Recent History: Karim recently accrued a large debt at the Golden Stamp.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Male human Pal3: hp 20; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12; Attack +5 melee or +5 ranged; SV Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +7; Str 14,Dex 14, Con 7, Int 8, Wis 17, Cha 16.

Skills and feats: Handle Animal +9, Hide +2, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Ride+5, Spot +3; Combat Reflexes, Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack.

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