A Jumper Suit is functionally a modified encounter suit that is more of an accessory garment and less of a tactical one. The suit is designed to be super flattering to the wearer's figure. Men's suit slim the torso and tighten the legs and buttocks for a more masculine and trapezoidal frame. Women's suit accentuate the highly desirable hourglass silhouette figure, raising the chest, tightening the waist and raising the buttocks.

Game Note: In addition to the same defense bonuses as an encounter suit, the suit grants a bonus to appearance/charisma.


Shadowrunners ride a narrow path, the very best are all but unknowns, their skills keeping them out of the limelight. But, there is a certain amount of celebrity required to be the best in the field. Between an unknown rookie, and the master shadowrunner who is unknown both are considered equally low scoring. So there enters the paradox, the best shadowrunners have to be known, have to be visible, but have to not end up on wanted lists or on bounty listings.

The new generation of runners embraced creating runner personas, creating sobriquets and avatars, logos and even merchandising campaigns. The Jumper Suit came from customized encounter suits that were flattering to the figure.


Jumper Suits are commonly used in building Runner personas, starting with a slim figure is a good base for layering on extra equipment like a cuirasser, custom armor, and other gimmick gear.

Jumper suits are also the Cosmic Era version of leggings, but full body versions.

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