When the great wizard Johann would travel, conducting his studies, he'd very often get assailed by would-be wizards seeking apprenticeship. On one trip he told a particularly bright aspirant that 'if you tell me who told you I was coming Ill let you be my apprentice.' The child said simply that he hadn't been told, he had found him by the magical power he exuded. Perplexed by this Johann began searching a way to hide himself from the senses of hopefuls.

One day, after a particularly unsuccessful night, he was searching for his spellbook and couldn't find it. Finally, in desperation, he used his magical abilities to locate it but still couldn't find it. Finally he called his apprentice in to help him search. The boy found it in no time, under a piece of burlap that the wizard had been experimenting on the last night. he was surprised at this because the cloth hadn't done anything when the moon was up. Still, he thought, Partial camouflage is better than none at all.

When he tried to make any more of clothes though he was unsuccessful, he thinks that maybe there was some variable involved in the creation that he wasn't aware of, however any searches that he has made to find what the variable was are inconclusive at best.

Magical Properties:

When placed over a magical item it hides the item's magical aura from the view of anyone actively searching for it. It can hide anything that has a magic aura from being found by something actively searching for one.

But when exposed to the light of the moon this item ceases to function properly and won't resume funcioning properly until the moon sets.

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