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March 1, 2008, 1:47 am

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Jessica Frost


I picked up the Snow Globe on her desk.

She took a sharp breath and with a panicked look on her face, she reached out for it.

I handed it to her. I am sorry, I didnt know it was important.

Smiling weakly, It is my special thing. In a lot of ways, it is my life.

Jessica Frost, Aka The Princess of Frost is a character for an Urban Fantasy or Supers Environment.

I have 4 pages of notes and bits of phrase to insert here. Unfortunately, the quest ended 3 hours ago. Oh well. I will have it in soon.

She appears to be a nine year old girl of high breeding and proper etiquette training. Her features are human echos (fey speak for Human like), but more angular than would be possible for a human. Her eyes are large and luminous, of the truest blue you can imagine. They contrast to her skins, which is akin to ice (white with hints of blue). It has touches of rosy warmth on her high and perfect cheek bones. Her lips are a light ice blue, as are her nails, and the around her eye lids. Her face is often frame by her snow white hair, so fine it practically floats down her back. It seems to sparkle in the light like snow is wont to do. However, her hair is often up in an intricate arrangement, or pulled back in a severe bun or tight French braid. Her clothing is glamour spun together with skill and artistry. They compliment her, the courtly environment, and her mood (or the mood of her mother wishes her to project).

In mortal mein
When she first came to the Moral Sphere, she appeared as a woman child of 14 years. She has grown and aged since then, looking an appropriate age.

No matter her age, her key elements of her appearance have remained.
Her eyes are still that truest blue, and still large and luminous. Her face is more human, curved and round. She still has that perfect petite nose and cheekbones. Her skin is very fair, but still a human pink. Her hair is still fine, but of an ever so light blonde. It is a touch shorter now, just below her shoulder blades. She seems to flop back and forth between intricate braids and classic styles to pulled back in a ponytail. To say she is beautiful is an understatement. Her feminine curves are slight. This is an echo of what fey females appear as. Though slight in hips and breast, she is undeniably feminine in look Her clothing is that of a very fashionable and very well off young lady.

Her voice should be noted. It is soft and musical in presentation, more so than most noble fey. Her diction is perfect, as every word is carefully and politically chosen (a hold over from her courtly upbringing). She has a stunning, inhumanly wonderful, singing voice that she seldom, if ever uses.

The appearance of a fey is a matter of choice, within the boundaries of what their liege has set down.  She could appear in her mortal guise in the fey realm, but that would be inappropriate. She would return to a more mature version of her original self. Her angular features would return, as would her snowy white hair and skin. However, the might be slightly soften, reflecting her love of her mortal times.

Special Equipment
The Snow Globe: She has enchanted it so it is neigh-invulnerable. When she ever returns to the fey realms, she will be able to scry casually on the city. She can also use it as a link to the city, for gates and spell links.

Silver: She has a small silver icicle that she can wear on a necklace or other chain. With but a thought (as she stores magical energy in it) it will become a weapon a rapier of fey steel. She used to wear it all the time, but unless she is expecting trouble or fey guests, she often will not have it with her.

She will have a scrying glass or two around her living space. She will also have a ritual magicians tool kit around. She is becoming reasonably adept at Human magics, as glamour use can be traced by the Fey on the Mortal Sphere.

Roleplaying Notes
She always has perfect posture. She is always proper in manner and diction. She is gracious and polite to everyone, even if they are trying to kill her. (In which case she will kill them in the most efficient manner possible, with a minimum of humiliation) 

She is a very politically and socially savvy creature. Thus every word out of her mouth is politic carefully chosen to be proper, polite, and unrevealing of her true intentions. She always thinks in terms of peoples motivations and how she can best utilize those.

She is still a bit self possessed. She just no longer rubs peoples noses in it. In fact, she uses her new nice to actually help motivate people into doing what she wants, even though many think it is actually their idea. She is one of the more powerful being in the Fey Lands, and perhaps the most powerful supernatural thing on the Earth Sphere.

She loves the human world as there is less need to be constantly plotting, planning, spying, scheming, politically and socially maneuvering, and the presenting a persona rather than truth, that abounds in High Fey life.  The plottings and twists found in a night time soap opera/ drama are childrens play compared to the Fey Courts. She can causally deal with any amount of drama and social maneuvering that come up in the human realm. She will make it seem effortless.

Like a super hero, she is really two people. Her Fey Self and this lovely human role she has taken on. She finds herself balancing her two extremes: her formal, powerful yet restrained self against this expressive and unpolitical life. At times each extreme might appear.

In the mortal realm, she is really trying to avoid any Fey entanglements. She does not want to get involved in the fey world (at this time). If it spills over into her world and she can not avoid it, she will deal with it. She will take pains to avoid having her identity revealed (or have it get back to her mother).

However, she is a true noble. She will not shirk her real duty to her subjects if there is a true need.  She also feels noble obliges to humans of this sphere (lesser), her school, or her sphere of acquaintance (greater). Thus if they were threatened by Fey, or other supernatural things, she would respond.

Summary for play?
What happens when the Winter Queen’s daughter leaves the Fey Lands and becomes a student?

She started as a "monster", expecting that the mortal world respond to her as did the fey world. She took over the social scene at her highschool. She ran it like a small feudal fiefdom, and supressed any hint rebellion with a variety of means, from magic to rumor. However, she learned a bit about humanity in those years. So by the time she was a senior, she had become empathetic and more human in her view of things. At college she is still a student. She no longer has an overwhelming need to be "in control" like a Fey Noble is wont. She still likes to be around power, and spends some time with the upper crust in the City. However, at school she just makes sure things are "going smoothly" in her domain.

MoonHunter 3:52 pm: What happen when the Winter Queen’s
Daughter leaves the Fey lands and becomes a college student
Siren no Orakio 3:53 pm: *grins*
MoonHunter 3:53 pm: Some adjustment issues since she comes
back as a "teenager" and rules the school, through might and magic,
then learns some empathy… goes to college.. and now…
Siren no Orakio 3:53 pm: That could actually be fairly interesting.
MoonHunter 3:53 pm: well now the fairy impinges on her perfectly
little snow globe world
MoonHunter 3:54 pm: That is what she think of her mortal life as… as
a perfect snowglobe world
MoonHunter 3:54 pm: Seattle was the snow globe she recieve as
some minor present
MoonHunter 3:54 pm: became her most treasured item
Siren no Orakio 3:54 pm: Mmm.
MoonHunter 3:54 pm: Now everything is fairly perfect
MoonHunter 3:55 pm: in her view of things, as there are no courtly
intrigues, no mother literally molding her into a copy of herself
MoonHunter 3:55 pm: and it is sooo… stable .. here
MoonHunter 3:55 pm: nothign changes because someone whims it
MoonHunter 3:55 pm: there are reasons
MoonHunter 3:55 pm: and facts
MoonHunter 3:56 pm: and… god only knows what she took in
college… maybe a perpetual student
MoonHunter 3:56 pm: law?
MoonHunter 3:56 pm: Anyways.. this is where I was running
think I need to have her go through high
school and ruin some people’s lives… just so we can show she is not
perfect.. (well one person’s at least.. so she can have a mortal stalker)
She thought she would enjoy these other seasons, but she does not. They were novel in the beginning, but they are annoying.
Her father was someone in the clutches of her mother that she let go
She is not banished from the court, her mother said she did not want to see her for an age, so she left
MoonHunter 4:32 pm: She is the Protagonist of an Urban Fantasy
Novel   ala DiLint
MoonHunter 4:32 pm: actually probably closer to Serrate Edge than
Kinslayer 4:32 pm: Are you focusing more on problems relating to her
Fey existance, life in college as a mortal, or contrasting both?
MoonHunter 4:33 pm: balancing both
Kinslayer 4:33 pm: It sounds interesting.
MoonHunter 4:33 pm: In the superhero dilema.. balancing two very
different world with two very different properties

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