1. Iron Corps Girls

The Iron Corps Girls are a well known and well represented faction of the Elita Agency. To be a member of the Iron Corps faction, the agent must have muscle augmentation or cybernetic implants that give her exceptional strength. Being able to lift the front end of an automobile off of the ground is a general entry requirement. As an addendum to this, the agent must maintain a certain level of personal appearance. No Incredible Hulk type mods, or Full Metal upgrades are admitted, unless they have a way to pass as a woman of at least average appearance (character sheet wise they cannot have any outward flaws related to their augmentation, and have to keep at least an average appearance/charisma score)

The Ideal Iron Corps Girl looks like a supermodel, actress, or porn starlet, but has the strength to rip a door off of it's hinges, throw a man in a power suit out of a window, or flip an automobile to use as cover.

2. Suicide Girls

The Suicide Girls are likewise well known. They are the hackers, cyberneticists, public relations, research and development, and technopunks of the Elita Agency. They are superficially known for being covered in tattoos, piercings, and having a punk attitude towards clothing and appearance.

The Suicide Girls are a sort of catch-all for the Elita Agency, and are typically recruited not for their appearance, but for their general attitude, and intelligence. While there are plenty of punked up agents working in the field, especially on the undergroud and geofront side of things, this faction is much more likely to operate in support roles, piloting vehicles, driving combat machinery, providing medical support, and so forth.

3. Ultra Waif

The biggest hurdle to being an Ultra Waif are the physical requirements, being both tall and impossibly thin. To accomplish this task, most actually have their gastrointestinal system surgically removed, or extremely reduced. This allows them to become almost skeletally thin. The work around is either the consumption of basically predigested food, usually via a nasal-gastic tube, where their vestigial digestive tract only has to absorb the nutrient and calorie slurry they consume. Another option is the external gut, where the agent basically keeps a bioreactor fed, and then allow it to feed them, usually through a dermal port, most commonly replacing the belly button for this task. To overcome the low calorie intake, many Ultra Waifs have swapped large bundles of muscle tissue for synthetic myomers, and other cybernetic upgrades that are low weight.

Ultra-Waifs have a variety of uses. Many use inhuman flexibility to work as burglars and thieves, adding acrobatics to evade detection. Others use their low weight as a way to conceal things that would normally be obvious. An Ultra Waif carrying thirty or forty pounds of contraband inside the clothing of a normal sized person is going to look relatively normal, and not like someone trying to steal a christmas ham. Finally the ultra waifs are very much status symbols, narcissistic and vicious. They are popular among the entourages of the elite and the wealthy, making ultra waifs excellent as both bodyguards and infiltrators.

4. Neotenics

The existence of neotenics in general is considered something of a moral gray zone. A neotenic is a person who for whatever reason, decided to halt their biological development. The term applies to anyone who suspended their biological age at below that of legal adulthood, but the common usage applies to people who did this before the onset of puberty so as to remain biologically, as children. Elita Neotenics have the bodies of prepubescent girls, but have the minds and skillsets of professional shadowrunners, and exploit the expectations of others to their own advantage.

Elita Neotenics have a classified history of being some of the most effective and fearsome assassins of any of the private security contractors. They also have an exceptional ability to penetrate secure facilities, engage in espionage and terrorism, and otherwise use their child like appearance to take advantage of the basic human urge to care for children.

5. Autons

In one of the more morally perverse relations in the CE, the Elita Agency routinely commissions the misogynistic Isle of Man Cybergynetics corporation to produce female autons for them. These autons come in a variety of profiles, but for the most part they are deployed as robot shields, reinforcements, and stilleto heeled boots on the ground to support agents in the field. The majority are mid to high end models with large skillsets and high levels of competency.

Like the robotic foot soldiers from Saturday morning TMNT, the Elita Agency autons are very lifelike robots there as filler and fodder. The requirements to become an Elita agent are high, and as such they are neither expendable nor are they going to be relegated to true full support roles. A Suicide Girl agent might be the pilot, but the copilot, gunners, and drone pilots are going to b autons. Likewise, when a combat squad of Iron Corps roll out, there will be more strength built autons going with them than actual agents.

6. Betas

A Beta is the Elita Agency term for a woman who has manifested parapsychic abilities related to empathy, telepathy, mind control, emotion manipulation, and the general ability to influence others. Betas are employed as spies, moles, interrogators, diplomats, and negotiators. It is not uncommon for Betas to move into positions of authority and leadership within the Elita Agency. It is common for Betas to be synthetic parapsychics.

A common Beta gambit is to present an Auton as themselves, and work as one of the auton's entourage, similar to using a body double. Thus, when there are targets who are aware that there is a Beta present, they will much more likely focus their mental defenses against the obvious Beta, and not on of her assistants.

7. Female Gendered Artificial Intelligences

Where autons are footsoldiers and minions, the Elita Agency has a cadre of egomorphs and other synthetic intelligences that serve it in a digital capacity. These synthetics and morphs are all patterned and identified as female, and loyal to the agenda of the Elita Agency. These disembodied beings form the core of the Elita agencies virtual corps, and do the cyberops and surveillance work.

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