Only the greatest of alchemists can even dare to attempt to extract Raw Imuricum; only the most foolish metallurgists mix it with inferior materials, but only the bravest master Weaponsmiths will actually create weapons from this rare and dangerous metal.

Imuricum is found only in Adamantite covered by Red Mui'aan Fungus. The fungus reacts violently with the metal, causing it to crystallize. The mixture of the crystals and the fungus was originally used in the making of Dragon Dust, a highly explosive mixture used to fire Westerman Hand Cannons. If processed properly, it can be used as a flux for Weaponsmithing.

The Scorpion's Tail was the first weapon to be crafted from an Imuricum alloy; Bronzed Imuricum. It is the physical manifestation of Durand Farcry's unwavering hatred towards 'those ancient scourges of man'. To quench the heated blade, it is plunged into Cloud Dragon's blood.

Once the thorn-shaped monstrosity was forged, it was then sharpened by scraping against the bones, teeth, claws, and scales of an adult Tree-rot Dragon.

Because it was crafted using unorthodox methods and dangerous materials, many guilds and even entire kingdoms have banned the creation of Imuricum weapons.

The Scorpion's Tail has long since been destroyed, but the mysterious arts of forging Imuricum still exist in the darker corners of the world...

Magical Properties:

The Scorpion's Tail is a scythe-like polearm designed solely for piercing strikes. It was crafted using unorthodox methods and dangerous materials; therefore, it has some drawbacks.

The Red Mui'aan Fungus' spores are extremely fast-acting neurotoxins. The toxins are administered through contact with the skin or bloodstream. As a result, the wielder goes into a psychotic rage. Since much of the Imuricum still holds Red Mui'aan spores, the blood used to quench the blade activates it, imprinting the genetic signatures of the Dragonkind into the neurotoxins, narrowing the wielder's rage to attack only dragons.

Because prolonged exposure to the spores can prove fatal, Imuricum weapons will forever be considered the deadliest weapons in Emmurn'raxish.

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