Igor Smirnosky: King's Justice and Devotee of the Way of Roarck

Setup The pre-conquest King, by Parnarian tradition, was head of a large bureaucracy of tax collectors, coin minters, mayors and so forth. For the most part the Ator that conquered Parna dismantled that bureaucracy in favor of absolute rule and a feudal system. However, Parna was much larger than the Ator homeland, much more populace and much ethnically diverse. Thus, King Moltov generated his own methods for the delegation of power. He established a tiered vassal system, where by members of the 1st tier may divided their granted lands among sub-vassals (or second tier vassals), and he vested certain individuals with specific Royal powers. The King's Justice for example can resolve disputes and carry out executions in the name of the King. The King's Justice stands in as surrogate for the King in these matters when the King is not available.

During the 11th year of King Moltov's rule of Parna a group of warriors and priests from Parna entered the Dwarven lands with out permission of the local dwarven clan. This resulted in a brief violent encounter between several members of a dwarven warrior clan and the Parnarians. The small group of warriors and priests from Parna, which also included a member of Dwarven Teamster Guild, did find and destroy a demonic presence that had cursed both eastern Parna and the western Ven mountains. The actions of that small group benefited both the dwarven lands and Parna.

However, the insult to Dwarven sovereignty was answered by the arrest and imprisonment of several Parnarian nobles traveling within the Ven and the closure of the trade routes between the Dwarven city states within the Ven. King Moltov called together his court to discuss the best course of action with regard to impending crisis with the Dwarves.

Appearance and Impressions : At 59 Igor is the oldest man at court. Bald atop his head with white (once red) hair extending from the flanks of his head to his shoulders, a large mustache that has retained its red color extends below his chin on either side and lays over the short yet pointed white beard that climbs from ear to ear around his face. His mouth is never seen except for a plump pale lower lip that extends from the underbite beneath his mustache His nose is the long angular nose of the Ator and his small blue eyes are hidden deep in a wrinkled face that has traveled from plumpness to lean many times over the years in its long life. A large white scar covers his forehead and removes his left eye brow. He is a hunched 5'8' and his manner is dominated by a focused stillness.

This stillness extends even to his eyes, which could be described as exploring some inward pain rather being aware of their surroundings. It will not take long to realize that Igor is indeed acutely aware of his surroundings. He has a quiet charisma that allows his presence to be felt even when he is not speaking, and when he does speak it is in a loud deep perfect voice.

Personal History and Political Position: It is a duty of the Stewards of War (Roarck's Priests) to care for all male war orphans and raise them as members of church. Igor was one such war orphan and he has been a member of the Church of Roark since he was 8 years old. He has had three wives, and has four adult sons. Prior to the invasion of Parna he fought in the Mota wars and fought against the Orc's of the Grey Spine Mountains. He has passed his lands in Ator on to his oldest son and traveled to Parna with Moltov during the Invasion in the hope of gaining land for his other children. As the King's Justice he has relinquished any privilege of personal property, though he has obtained vassalships for his three younger sons.

In his youth, prior to his ascension to manhood, Igor was part of a seaside community in Ator and the Priest that raised him was part of seaborne sect of the church. Among those followers of Roarck the requirement for mount is replaced by a requirement for a watercraft.

He sees no legal point in a war with the dwarves, and believes the war would be harmful to the nation as whole. However, in theological terms he recognizes that war is a justification in and of itself.

Skills and Abilities : No other Devotee of the Way in Ator or in Parna knows more about the teachings of Roarck, the history of Roarck's church, or the History of Ator and Parna's nobility than Igor. These abilities have served him well the last 11 years in Parna as he has dispensed Justice in the name of the King through out the realm. Igor's feats of knowledge are more impressive because Igor has never mastered the written word. His approach to justice is to know the law, not the person or the situation.

Igor is skilled with the Ator short bow and the mace, but his horse craft is not what it once was. He has been sailor, a solider, father and holy man. His armor is unique, a master worked plate mail set designed by the Dwarves of Ironspear.

Personal Weakness and Failings : Imagination and abstraction are not Igor's strong suit. He often fails to foresee changing political or social landscapes and is often unsettled by shifts in the status quo. He is distrustful of women and resents them in roles of power. Despite his depth of religious knowledge, Igor is not an inspired minister, and has no interest in championing Roarck's theology. Finally, Igor has quiet arrogance with regard to his combat skills. He knows that Roarck has granted him abilities and strength. While he recognizes intellectually that he may be beaten, in his heart he does not believe that he can be defeated as long as he stays true to Roarck.

Secrets : Igor's belief in Roarck is rooted in fear not love or admiration for what Roarck represents. Igor believes that Roarck will kill his sons and strip him on his strength if does not follow the Way. Additionally, Igor did not wish to take the role of the King's Justice. He desires most to live the life of an independent vassal among his children. He was compelled to accept the Moltov's offer by the Church of Roarck.

Primary motivation : A deep fear of Roarck. Igor is terrified, and will act out of fear.

Secondary motivation : Compassion for those that follow the Law. Igor's experience has led to him to conclude that 'the Law can be a cruel mistress'. He further believes that Gods and men that write the laws, the laws he enforces, are unkind or corrupt. It is only his fear of Roarck that motivates him to strictly enforce the law.

Recent History : Igor recently started an affair with Hrefna Talltov. Hrefna is the mother of the Baron Talltov who was killed by a dwarf along the border. In the past year Igor fought a duel with Freyka Fjojorv. Freyka had used resources of the church to enrich his own lands and fulfill his tax obligations to the King. Igor killed Freyka in that duel. Freyka was Karim Fjojorv's uncle and Thorkatla's husband.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Male human Pal16: hp 129; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12; Attack+19/+14/+9/+4 melee, or +18/+13/+8/+3 ranged; SV Fort +17,Ref +13, Will +12; Str 16, Dex 14,Con 16, Int 7, Wis 16, Cha 18. Skills and feats: Heal +16, Hide +2, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +13, Knowledge (Religion) +12, Profession (seamanship) +4, Ride +4, Spot +3; Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery, Lightning Reflexes, Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Knowledge (Religion)) Skill Focus (Seamanship), Track.

Master Work Armor: +8 AC, Hardness=12, HP=52