Special Equipment:

The red sword of zandragaal :magic red sword that inflicts fire damage and can't be destroyed, and the helm of zandragaal : dragon breath, fire dmg .


A tall human (1.90) with black hair and brown eyes in red double mail armor and a shield with the symbol of the dragonwright and a dragon skull helmet symbol of his god.(according the legend this skull was made by zandragaal itself forge in the depths of the dragon mountains.)


After searching for the lost treasures of the dragonwright ifrid settle down in the dragon mountains. He and his army biuld a keep to protect the treasures of his god (the god of ifrid is the symbol of war) then he started a new quest, he is after the church of the black rose (styphons the black church) and their holy sword (zandragaal sent him to start a new war with the black church ) and he will never rest until he starts the 3rd holy war with the black church and finally destroys the church and brings peace to the yin-sloth jungle.(his home and home of the dragon wright).

Roleplaying Notes:

No spells , he is psionic like all the knights of the dragonwright. He has a psy sword as power and spontaneous combustion, (he is arrogant but a good guy he will always help others and work fine in team, he is fanatic if anyone said something about his god or the dragonwright he enter in berserk and kill the infidel!!!)

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