The Hohi Hohi stone is a synthetic crystal created by alchemical means. It is a translucent pink color and is dimly luminescent. The crystal is easily carved, so most amulets or pieces of jewelry made with these stones are cameos or broaches. 


The owner of a Hohi Hohi stone piece of jewelry has the ability to use the spell Unseen Servant at will, and can summon and command a number of unseen servants equal to their charisma bonus. These unseen servants are invisible, are unable to fight, but can perform any menial or skilled task that the summoner is capable of.


The Hohi Hohi stone reduces the stamina/constitution of the wearer by one. 


The Hohi Hohi stone is most often used in high end households, where a majordomo or keeper of the house will have such items for their own use, or to loan out to skilled workers within the house. This allows for a small staff to work as if they were a larger staff, a single master cook, with 3-4 unseen master cook assistants. A groundskeeper with an small cadre of elite invisible groundskeepers. This allows the wealthy to maintain small staffs, and keep tighter security. 

A wizard could keep a laboratory stocked with magical workers immune to disease, accident, or corruption.

A librarian could have a cadre of scribes constantly working on new tomes.

A single master artisan could use one of these stones to keep a small magical worship working for them. The master minds the shop, while their unseen servants toil at the menial aspects of making clothing, crafting boots, doing the hard labor of firing a forge.

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