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June 17, 2012, 8:38 am

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Cheka Man

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The short lived and chaotic vampires of northern Mexico

Mexico once had a grand civilization that glorified and venerated vampire gods, the Aztecs and Olmecs were the puppet slaves of the ancient Tzental Clan. But those days have long since passed. When the explorers from Europe came to the Americas they brought their guns, germs, and Old World vampires with them. While disease and fear rampaged through the indiginous population, the vampires of Europe and the Middle East clashed with the vampires of the new world. The temples were eventually thrown down, the idols were destroyed and the MesoAmerican powers were defeated. The Tzental clan was badly mauled and many assumed that it had been destroyed. The presence of the Tzental antediluvian counterdicted the lore of the 13 Clans, so he/it was written out of existance and the remaining Tzental who submitted and lived were bound to powerful Blood Sorcerers or potent elders.

Since the fall of the Blood Empires, Mexico has remained infested with vampires, many more today than were ever alive during even the greatest might of the Aztecs. Unfortunately the Mexican vampires have been so long under the anti-elder rhetoric of the Sabbat they have little to no organization. They live the ultimate expression of Darwin and Hobbs, survival of the fittest and short brutal lives.

The Hematófago

Blood suckers, Chupacabras, los vampiros. The hematófago are not a clan, or even a bloodline of vampires. Instead, they are more akin to an extended brood or regional infestation. The prevalence of caitiff, or clanless vampires, is very common, with more than half of all Hematófago being as such. The remaining vampires are loose groups of Brujah, Gangrel, and rare Nosferatu. The group was formed roughly two centuries ago out of a sense of self preservation. The Sabbat was running in high gear during that time, and the rate of death among newly embraced vampires was astonishing. A large number of these newly created vampires scattered to the more remote areas of the US southwest and northern Mexico. As the US grew in dominance, the Hematófago found it much safer to exist in Mexico and largely retreated from the United States territories. The brood formed a master/slave organization. A head vampire founds a coven, where he or she is the only vampire in the group allowed to create new vampires. Any slave that does so is immediately destroyed, along with the progeny they have created. The only way around this is for the slave to escape and found it's own coven. Several Hematófago broods will work together rarely against a common threats, such as Sabbat warpacks, werewolf hunters, vampire hunters, and the like. It is more common for them to fight each other over resources such as hunting domains and access to population centers, which are rare and more isolated in their region.

You've got to mind the places you stop when you're driving through the back roads of north and central Mexico. It's not that the drug dealers and the drugs wars aren't enough, there are plenty of vampire nests. They keep businesses open, oases in the middle of nowhere. These can be the the lures to deathtraps for travelers. A lone truck stop in the middle of nowhere, or a roadside hotel in moderate disrepair could be a roach motel for humans. I've personally heard of a titty bar somewhere near Tiajuana that is an absolute abbatoir for college students and criminals looking to flee the law into Mexico.


The first Hematófago vampire is credited as Carlos 'Hematófago' Chavez. Carlos was embraced somewhere near Veracruz during the fighting between the Sabbat and the European backed vampires. Carlos and his warpack escaped after a massive fire destroyed the neighborhood they were fighting in. Rather than retreating back to the Sabbat strongholds outside the city, he escaped north and then into the wilds. The pack broke up, as fewer fangs are easier to feed. These pack members took their traditions with them and continued on. They formed the first broods, which over two centuries would expand into an unknown number of vampires and broods. It is commonly accepted that Carlos was slain fighting werewolves somewhere in Texas, and there are apocryphal stories of the surviving original pack members acting as elders of the Hematófago. Most of these stories are simply wishful thinking or fear mongering.

She was dark skinned, a real beauty with tatas like firm melons and eyes dark as midnight.

The Hematófago tend to embrace physically attractive people, charismatic people, or people who could best be described as 'badass' with ugly, lumpy, soft, or unskilled or pointlessly skilled people are turned into food. Most come from poor or at best middle income backgrounds. The majority are also of hispanic or mexican origin, and other minorties are common. There are few whites among the Hematófago. Women are well represented, with roughly 40% being such.

The Hematófago and Vampire Hunters

Few vampires are as well versed in dealing with Vampire Hunters as the Hematófago are. Being a widely spread brood in a strongly religious country, they are also one of the most widely hunted of vampire groups. Hunters range from solo badasses to local church backed vampire assassination squads. Many of these groups are able to wipe out several Hematófago cells before being wiped out themselves. The Hematófago generally accept this as a mechanism to eliminate soft or weak cells. This also cuts down on the numbers of vampires in the region as well as providing some surprisingly competent new recruits for when a strong cell wipes out a group of hunters and takes one or two of them in as new members. One thing that does help the vampire hunters is that the vampire discipline of Fortitude (supernatural resilience) is rare to non-existant among the Hematófago. Supernatural strength, speed, and unnatural charisma are common traits, and supernatural perception and animal control are not uncommon.

Cyptids and Chupacabra

The Hematófago are frequently cited in chupacabra sightings, something they find hilarious. Cryptid hunters who explore nothern Mexico are more likely to find vampires than small goat and chicken killing monsters.

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Comments ( 7 )
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Voted Cheka Man
July 15, 2012, 17:14
I could almost feel sorry for the Aztec vampires when the European ones moved in.
July 15, 2012, 19:41
That would be acceptable. While the slaughter of the meal Americans was in large part done via disease and many never saw the Europeans who caused their deaths, the Aztec vamps were as all undead, immune to disease and they were all killed by the fangs, claws and weapons of said vampires.
Voted Kassy
July 18, 2012, 7:28
Great work Scras!

Voted MysticMoon
July 31, 2012, 3:09
Only voted
Voted RHHale
December 5, 2012, 21:21
Very cool. I have been asked to run a Vampire game and this speaks to me for ideas:) Gracious!!!
Voted Dozus
February 25, 2013, 14:35
Only voted
Voted Aramax
September 26, 2016, 12:25
5/5 not what I was looking for but at least its GREAT!


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