Hanetta's Millstone is indeed a magical item crafted by a wizard, Stovilmer by name, for a clerical friend of his named Dinalla. She always made her first priority on returning from adventuring making herself some fresh bread. She simply could not stand the hardtack of travel rations and actual bread would rarely survive two days of traveling given the overstuffed packs and surprising wet, dusty or flammable encounters adventurers have. Dinalla was a priestess of Hanetta, a hearth goddess, and Dinalla was most adept and comfortable demonstrating her piety by baking bread, especially challenging while traveling. Even taking sacks of flour were challenging, as it would get wet, spill, or have to be left behind in a chase.
Hanetta’s Millstone is no lightweight object either. The stone is about as wide as a person chest, as thick as their hand on the sides with a trough ground out of the center part open on one end. A smaller stone about as big around as someone’s forearm and wide enough to fill the trough from side to side is used to grind the grain placed inside the trough into safe, edible flour. The magic of this millstone is that it doesn’t have to be traditional grains.
Hanetta’s Millstone has the ability to grind any solid object into safe, edible, tasty flour suitable for baking, frying or cooking on a griddle. Aside from grains, the millstone has been used on bones, stones, dirt, shoes, wood, bark, insects, and small animals. Whatever is ground up by the millstone turns into flour. This flour was made by magic, however, so it may not look or taste the same as conventional bread when cooked. For example, Stonebread often does not rise much, producing a loaf that is only a couple of fingers high with a grey, floury dusting on the top.
No matter the substance, the bread created from the resulting flour is safe, edible and tasty.
Nefarious individuals have attempted to make poisoned bread by grinding poisonous substances or creatures up with the millstone, but the resulting bread was in no way dangerous.
Hanetta’s Millstone is best used in a semi-permanent camp or similar encampment, as it’s overall bulkiness makes it prohibitive to use on a nightly basis.

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