This wood is not like any other. The trees glow a bright white all day and all night. It is an enchantment by lord Valanair, king of the forest elves who lives in the city of Ellivanor. The woods of Halëfas are old and filled with wonder. It provides good cover for it's rangers. It is here where the decent sould may find the flute of Vaxtar for Vaxtar is oe of it's defenders. If that is what you seek, do not bother searching for him. He will find you. The three major cities of Halëfas are Ellivanor, Meltifiace and Quelfinare. The largest of the three is Ellivanor. The wood of Halëfas houses an army of seasoned elvish fighter's and twelve score of rangers. Not an enemy worth making. Should you go the Halëfas withgoo intentions, you will be treated like a king, go there with ill intentions, your death will find you swiftly.

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