Poleran is a young boy that is walking through his city and spots a man, oddly chewing something.

Poleran: Hey what are you chewing there sir?
Bearded Man: Gunjii a super sticky gum.
Poleran: What do you mean sir?
Bearded Man: Watch!
*The man sticks the gum underneath his boot, and steps on the Gunjii then attempts to move but he cannot. He then takes off his boot and leaves it stuck to the road.*
Bearded Man: I guess I am going to have to go to the city market and buy me a new pair.
Poleran: Wow where did you get this stuff mister. *As he examines the shoe stuck to the road.*
Bearded Man: It comes from a rare plant called Gunjo that only grows in cool weather.
Poleran: What do you mean cool weather?
Bearded Man: I mean not cold nor hot but cool. It is composed of the roots and leaves crushed together. It forms a yellowish sticky goo. Then you chew it.
Poleran: How does it not stick your mouth shut?
Bearded Man: Ahhh, I thought you to be to dumb to ask. It is reactive with the moisture in your mouth. After it becomes wet then dry again, it becomes rather sticky. So never chew this gum with a dry mouth.
Poleran: Do you have anymore?
Bearded Man: No, sorry but I am afraid not. It is to dangerous to keep in your pocket lad. You don't want to be sticking your pants to your leg forever now do you.

*Has a very distintictive color of yellow. Has no smell really and looks like goo.*

Magical Properties:

It isn't really magical. It comes from the Gunjo plant's roots and leaves mashed together. Once the gum it wet (And that doesn't necessarily mean by chewing it) then dry again it forms into a super sticky substance. The substance will form to anything and hold it together tightly forever.

Some tell people to never chew it for they could take the risk of sticking their mouth together forever. Remember don't chew it with a dry mouth and once it begins to not recieve moisture stick it to something quick.

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