There are all the basic Guilds one would expect for most of the mundane professions. There are others of note.

Guild of Spellcraft: This organization is the 'almost ran' of Antioch. The guild is under the impression that it should be the most important guild, as magic is one of the most important parts of Antioch. Time and time again they have intrigued to take over the Guild Council. They almost succeeded after presenting the Plans to rebuild Antioch after the Goblin Sacking. However, The Guard (The Military Guild here), was elected. Now the guild is threatened by one of its own 'children' the Impressors.

Guild of Impression: Magic users, who use magical theories to create machines. (See P.E. Bonniwitz). They have expertise in the fields of optics, clockworks, metalurgy, chemistry, and printing. They can use movable type to make books, and spell books, for their members and other magicers. (Hence their name).

Guild of the Lost: In Antioch, if you don't belong to a Guild you have few rights. The Beggers, scroungers, and very poor, pay the guild price each year, have a seat on the Guild Council, and are protected by the Guard. Furry folk are not allowed in the guild, even if they are lost. It stems from the grey area of law that does not allow created races to be considered people.

Guild of the Houses: Secondland has 12 different clans, who function there like Guilds do on Thirdland. Nobles who travel to here are granted guild status via the guild. This guild extends membership to the princes of the Eastern Princepalities, The Shahs of Forthland, and any being of the Imperial Elven Stock. Many guilds are working to remove their guild status, as they are not working or making anything at all. They say they are providing leadership. As long as they don't vote or make waves demanding their rights, most of the Guild Council is willing to take their excessive amount of guild fee (After all, guild fees are based on how much you can earn in a year (with a minimum amount). These people make a great deal of money off their share of the taxes. )

Technically the Thieves Guild exist, but nobody ever comes to the council meetings because they will be arrested.

Guild of Carters: There are fewer horses inside the City of Antioc than there are carts that need to be pulled. Carts/ rickshaws are used as for moving things about, including people. (Officially a taxis is a enclosed cart). Many of these carts are pulled by 'Furries', mostly Kern (Husky/wolf folk), occasional Puti (cat folk), and the two centaurs in the city. because they can not be legally employed in other areas. They act as driver and beast. Furry carts are prefered to horse drawn carts because they are faster, more manuverable, and cheaper. They also don't have to pay the horse tax (responsible for keeping streets clean.. note Centaurs have to pay that tax).

The guild council has been debating the petion of allowing The Carters guild status. There has been violence on both sides of this labor debate. If they approve the guild, it would grant status to Furry folk they have never had. Furries being either constructed races or just odd, have been considered less that people for so long. The Imperial Court is going to make a ruling on the Furry issue at its next Full session, scheduled for 26 years from now (Darn Immortal Elves and their sense of time..)

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