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February 20, 2014, 4:28 pm

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Description: Half-elf male, 5’9” tall, 145lb, 31 year old Fighter.

Nigel was born from the coupling of a beautiful elf female and a local sailor. For him, his spirit and the sea are inseperable, and he always imagined that one day he would join his father as a sailor. This only changed when one night he awoke to find his seaside metropolis under attack by an orc raiding ship, finding his mother missing and his father slain.

This event single handedly changed his life, leading him to pursue life as a combatant, using his skills garnered over years along the coast to protect the community he loves. His companion in this is the orc Laf-Laf, a remnant of a raiding party, as well as his uncle Kathier, who came to the metropolis to support his nephew, though their views vary widely.

One day he hopes to find his mothers whereabouts, which he believes will require strength in arms. So he does what he must to develop his skills in the hope he might one day be reunited with her.


Description: Catfolk male, 5’4” tall, 115lb, 21 year old Dervish of Dawn Bard.

Madeline has been on her own for most of her life. Found by a human family, she had to endure a life as more or less a pet, her sole solace in all of this was the daughter, who saw her as a friend. This was an acceptable arrangement, but as much would be expected. One day she grew up and it became imposable to treat her as a subservient.

Forced to leave despite the daughters protest, Madeline developed a hatred for those who treated others as lesser beings. Accepted for her natural talents for training as a ninja, she accepted most missions with little qualms, save for one. She would not hurt children, or those who took care of them.

Secretly, she desired to one day have a family of her own, but found most unworthy of her time. Quite to her embarrassment, she finds her deadly training being at odds with her other works as a midwife, and takes great steps to make sure these two parts of her life remain separate, both for the sake of those in her care, and for the sake of her reputation.


Description: Elf male, 6’5” tall, 145lb, 137 year old Tree Singer Druid.

Kathier views are as his personal responsibility to bring his nephew up right. And what is right is what he says. After the death of his sister by an orc raiding party, his traveled to the metropolis to support her son. Believing that his vast experience would grant him that ability to properly train Nigel.

It's not uncommon for him and Nigel to come in conflict, especially when it comes to Laf-Laf, whom he holds particular animosity for. Meanwhile he continues to celebrate his Elven culture, embracing his contact with nature and working to raise Nigel.

His constant aid in this is the treant sapling Harold, who acts almost as a family pet as well as a companion. Harold is a strange sight to be found in the middle of a city, but his devotion to his "family" is undeniable.

On the side Kathier practices herbalism, serving strong brews while sharing his tea shop wisdom to all who will listen.

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Voted valadaar
May 8, 2014, 12:56
Some useful tidbits here. Could use some more formatting.

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