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December 22, 2016, 8:51 am

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A relentless and unearthly durable type of dimensional fatigue 'denizen'

The Gug is a solitary creature, unspeaking, unflinching, immune to pain, fearless, inhumanly strong, and ungodly tough. They are humanoid in shape, but a bit larger than the average human. Their faces are horrible to look upon so it is very common for Gugs to conceal this with a mask, helmet, or something else. The frightening thing about the Gug isn't it's strength, or it's durability, or even it's ceaseless desire for murder. The frightening thing about gugs is that they are smart.

Type: Aberrant/Outsider

Armor Class: Average, Gugs are seldom fast, and they do not dodge or evade.

Speed: Slow, with dimensional blinking ability

Attributes: Strength and Stamina/Constitution are very high. Dexterity is the default dump stat. No social attributes, Gugs are horrific to look at, never talk, never negotiate, or otherwise engage with humans. Mental stats are unknown, but generally on par with, or below human average. Gugs can use weapons, doors, operate vehicles, use tools, and otherwise function on a human level, but abhor the use of high tech devices. They demonstrate some knowledge of these technologies, as they are fond of destroying or disabling them.

Immunities: Fearless, unable to feel pain, major damage reduction. Human scale weaponry inflicts minimum damage, with critical hits dealing half normal damage. Vehicle scale damage is reduced to half. Gugs cannot be blinded, or otherwise impaired by a critical hit. Headshots are no more effective than any other attack.

Regeneration: Gugs regenerate at a frightening rate, able to shake of mortal wounds in a matter of hours. Lesser injuries are shed in minutes. This has been a cause of alarm as a number of seemingly dead gugs have reanimated in storage facilities, morgues, or research centers, where they inflict further casualties.

Dimensional Blinking: The Gug can 'blink' short distances almost instantaneously. This allows for the normally plodding creature to jump ahead of it's prey. It can only do this a few times a day, and it cannot do it while being observed.

Doctor Edward Loomis and his assistant Lauren Strode were the victims of a gug encounter. The encounter was triggered by a dimensional implosion event, and the only thing the DFE produced as a single Gug. The creature was catatonic on arrival, and was taken into custody, where the doctor studied it for years. It was vaguely humanoid, and eventually escaped, after killing a number of staff at the Carpenter Research Center. The Gug spent a relatively short time hunting down the doctor's assistance, Strode, and proceeded to 'hunt' her. After a 24 hour hunt, the Gug was gunned down, and seemingly slain.

Weakness: The Gug has only one demonstrated weakness and that is susceptibility to parapsychic abilities. Their powerful defenses and damage reduction still function normally against parapsy attacks that are physical or elemental in nature, but the mind and emotion controlling powers are very effective against them.

Combat: The Gug favors close combat after harrying it's prey for a period of time. After the prey has been 'run down' the gug will either employ strangling or vulnerables attacks, or will employ a simple weapon like a knife. The gug will use it's enormous strength to dislocate limbs, crush bones, bare hand decapitation, or throw heavy things. Should combat be against it's favor, a gug is more than willing to show patience and hide itself, for years, if need be.

The Kohoko district in Nippon was haunted by a gug for well over a decade. The monster was benevolent compared to the rest of it's ilk and was content to cut people's appendages off and replace them with alien appendages, presumably cut from it's own body. The victims would quickly be consumed/corrupted by the appendages and start turning into demi-gugs. A pair of Crimson Sun strike teams hunted the gug down and exterminated it.

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Voted Aramax
January 2, 2017, 13:08
You said on FB you were unhappy with this. I think Its Great!



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