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Orc male, 6'10' tall, 250lb, 22 year old Fighter

Grug was a proud warrior for his tribe. Always eager to fight Grug was never one to shy away from battle; usually he was the one leading the charge into it. After one particular battle he saw a vision of a horseman riding through the battle field. This great being spoke only one word, Szutiel. Taking the vision as a sign, Grug chose to worship the mysterious being on horse back and used this vision to help fuel him during battle.

One day, a great raid was to be had on a caravan taking food supplies to an Elven settlement. Grug charged in with no mercy for any living being. Men, women, children were all slaughtered equally until a surprise attack from a band of human solders turned his attention. The human soldiers made short work of the orc raid, slaughtering their numbers except Grug who ended up being blinded by a beam of sunlight conjured up by a human cleric with what looked to be a symbol of a sun on his chest.

Left for dead, Grug was thrown into a nearby river where he was later picked up by the chieftain of his tribe and a small scouting party. After their return, Grug was sent to the shaman's tent where he would receive healing, while the chieftain and a small group discussed the outcome of the raid. Two weeks later, after recovering enough to function Grug was summoned to the chieftain's tent where the chief cast Grug from the tribe, claiming his rage was the true source of his blindness. After a short spat and an aggressive exiling from the tribes boarders Grug set out to find something to expel his anger on. After a short while he came across a lone farmstead with no real defenses and a single couple, one Human one Elf, that suspected nothing. Blood and fire were all that were left in his wake.

Months past and Grug joined up with a band of mercenaries in hopes they would provide him with the ability to fill his battle lust. Jumping from group to group he wasn't afraid to kill anyone or anything that got in his way. As he came to join a group in a metropolis size city, Grug took up baking as a side job for a little extra coin and as an alibi when the guards came knocking.

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