- Granitbiten is an impossing mountain of a man at six feet tall with shoulder as wide as an axehandle. His face is best described as hard and angular, worn with a life of hardship and bitter loss. His hands and arms up to his shoulders are composed of granite, giving him an incredible punch, and immunity to weapons he can block with his arms and hands.

He can be found easily among mercenaries and thieves, willing to sell his abilites for coin, or favors. Hard drinking, bareknuckle bar fights, and liberally beating someone with his fists are his meat and potatoes. If there is a gladiator, or pit fighting venue, he will not only know where it is, but will invariably be involved in it up to his stone elbows.

His clothing almost always shows his stone arms, and broad chest, though if combat is likely, he will don a thick breastplate to prevent a sword thrust, or lucky arrow. He always wears a broad leather belt with a heavy brass beltbuckle, and will carry a cudgel with a wickedly studded iron head.

Granitbiten is in a single word, arrogant. He has no empathy and commonly associates fear with admiration, and loathing with 'playing hard to get' Thus he thinks himself undefeatable, irresistable to the ladies, and a local celebrity.


Granitbiten was once a fairly successful adventurer who by luck, and deceit gained one wish of his to be granted by a genie/godling/whatever, and he wished for fists that struck with the strength of boulders.

Sensing his betrayal, his wish was granted in the most literal sense. Instead of gaining the incredible strength he wanted, his limbs were turned into stone. Movable, flexible, but still stone. This cost him most of his fine motor control, and his hands are immune to all but the most extreme stimuli. His hand could be thrust into a blazing fire, and unless that flame was hot enough to melt stone, he would not likely even feel it. He is tormented by the loss of delicate sensation, the crush of a rose petal between the fingers, or the tantalizing thrill of naked flesh to caressing hands.

This made him angry and bitter. Soon his adventuring wealth was squandered away, and he had to find money again. Labor was beneath him, and he had no interest in risking his life again, only suckers and chumps did stuff like that. Like the group had had begun with, the one that he had destroyed when they were weakened after the battle and discussing who would get to make the one wish they had earned.

Now, he is a high ranking henchman of others. Crude, boorish, but utterly effective with both terror tactics, intimidation, and death with his cudgel, he makes a good subcommander of a villian. On his own, he would steadily deplete his funds in gambling, whoring, and drinking to excess, all of which are weakness that can be exploited. He continually underestimates female foes, cannot resist gambling and betting, and has never met a bottle that he didn't fall into.

Roleplaying Notes:

Granitbiten is stubborn, and impulsive. He is too loud, often foul smelling, and should raise the ire of the PC's quickly. As his endowments came from greater than human powers, they should be immune to being disenchanted, or being reverted into normal flesh by anything less than the force that created them in the first place.

He is incredibly strong, but when he is drunk he cannot guage is stregth well, and will with regularity crush anything he picks up, break things he touches, and generally fly into a destructive rage. He enjoys gambling, but when drunk he will crush dice to powder, mangle playing cards, and other hands on games.

Granitbiten can be either a sympathetic enemy, having once been in the position of the PC's and haven fallen. He could be redeemed and recruited as a henchman to the PC's who could help him deal with his myriad of problems while enjoying his imressive combat prowess. Or, he could be a powerful adversary who the PC's are only interested in defeating.

- I was watching TV (Teen Titans) and wondered what would be the fantasy equivalent of a cyborg? A human with golem/animated limbs,of course.

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