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January 17, 2007, 8:13 am

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Cheka Man

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Grand Arm


The Grand Arm is a weapon without peer, there is naught a blade nor shield that can withstand it’s mighty blows. This ornate weapon is surely the divine tool of the god of war…

The Grand Arm is a magestic weapon, the sort that seems to leap out of the epics of old. Dragons are slain by such weapons and demons quail in fear before it’s shining silver blades. It has a full length blade of silvered steel, equivalent to a great sword, or two handed sword. The blade is two-edged, and unadorned save for the special bevel that runs down the center of the blade.

The grip of the weapon is wrought out of alchemically hardened gold, and set with a myriad of small jewels, glittering diamonds, prismatic emeralds and star sapphires to name a few. There is a section that has been wrapped in what appears to be dragonhide leather, though some speculate that the leather is actually the treated skin of a demon of the third circle. The Grand Arm can easily be balanced in one hand, provided the warrior can hold the weapon aloft, as it weighs forty seven pounds.

The opposite end of the Grand Arm is a trident, resplendant with three barbed tines, and two outward curling guards. The base of the tines and the guards is the same alchemical gold as the grip of the weapon, while the points are silvered steel. The trident can tear through armor with ease, as well as disarming foes with great aplomb.

The entire weapon is nine feet long, and as mentioned above, weighs forty-seven pounds. It is difficult to carry as it doesnt easily fit into any sort of sheath, or carry container, perhaps for one designed for transporting carpets and rugs. The weapon also attracts alot of attention, in the form of duels for the weapon as well as the quick eyes and hands of thieves. All of these are practical concerns, and are really not readily obvious, until the PC decides to pack up his gear and finds himself past his emcumbrance level.

Magical Properties:

The Grand Arm is cursed, as it was created as a ransom payment. A warrior king of some time ago commanded a weapon be made for him, something worthy of the god of war, and the god of the forge. None sought to fulfill his wish, so he was forced to take matters into his own seemingly capable hands. He abducted the loved ones and loyal retainers of a peerless artificer and alchemist. Faced with the imminent destruction of his beloved ones, and his own life, or making the warrior king the weapon of weapons, the magus complied and constructed the Grand Arm.

The weapon was beautiful and the Warrior was delighted, and released the family members, though some were poorly treated and accused the warrior of abusing them in different and cruel ways. The magus was silent and did not complain. War came as it often came in those violent days and the Grand Arm was taken onto the field.

The warrior was slain out of hand. The weapon, despite its keen powers was simply too large and too heavy to be used with any degree of skill. Even worse, the weapon was cursed by its maker to be worthless in even the most skilled hands, especially those that are blinded by pride and bitter arrogance.

The Grand Arm is a ridiculous weapon, often seen in ‘beefcake’ and ‘cheesecake’ fantasy art. (chain mail bikini’s over-wrought weapons, etc etc etc) A munchkin’s wet dream tied together with Wrath of the DM.


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Comments ( 7 )
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April 21, 2005, 9:46
Vengence is mine thinks the artificer. The scary part would be that this weapon would inspire others to make similar weapons, both magical and non magical. Thus it makes the cursed weapon seem much more valuable, as it was the first of its kind.

Also one gauntlent/ belt/ armor of strength would make such item useful (if it was not cursed).
Cheka Man
April 21, 2005, 13:53
5/5 A weapon that does more harm to it's user then anyone else.I imagine a Giant or maybe a Lich might be able to use a non-cursed weapon of that type,but for everyone else it would be a useless and even dangerous encumberence.
April 22, 2005, 12:00
Only one question comes to mind, how is a thief going to steal that? Great weapon it looks impressive, sounds impressive but just isn't.

Barbarian Horde
August 23, 2005, 22:48
As a thief myself I sould have to say sneak into his room at night and then skip town, sell it in the nearest city, or get the blacksmith a couple of towns over to melt it down for me.
That answer you question? I think it's a good weapon, being that it's horrible and all. Yeah, I can almost see myself taunting my players with a weapon like this. A solid gold Greatsword anyone? That would be what 60 lbs?
Voted Dragon Lord
August 24, 2005, 9:34
Great one to teach munchkin-PCs a valuable lesson in humility - love it - 5/5
Voted MoonHunter
June 24, 2006, 14:16
I thought I voted, but just in case... I will do it again.

I was thinking of this weapon as the goal of a given dungeon. Some mythic clap trap has built up the weapon's legend, so it must the weapon to destroy "The Big Bad". The weapon has been sequestered in its own tomb. The tomb is filled with challanges so only the worthy might make off with it.
Voted Kassy
August 13, 2012, 6:49
Only voted

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