Lord Pembridge Maccadia, the Wizard King, gently ruled Narmir, the southern-most region of Emmur'raxish for seven-on-twenty years. On a particular day in his life, a stout man, cloaked in tattered rags, bestowed the king with a wonderful, light blue dagger. Little to anyone's knowledge, this was the accursed Blade of the Mad! Lord Maccadia locked himself away to his Lab, where he began working, crafting a dark being from the very substance that corrupted Pembridge's mind. A month without food or sleep, the Mindless Ruler worked tirelessly, crafting his "child". A limp mannequin of Ferrous Imuricum, given a heart, crafted from the Mad Blade, melting down the evil tool into a decorative sphere of Chromium Imuricum. Scribed across the creation's chest, these inchoherent words:

"Bereavement comes to those who wait and death to those who hurrying, looming, hiding isn't worth the troubled mind of the man who bought the rice for the sun now awaits it or become a lost souls come and go as they please do not bother me again the warrior conquer your fears forever listen to your heart beats wildly in the storm has passed and the town rejoice in it now here me out!"

The sharply-spiked Graf Malin moved slowly, at first, then turned to the Crafter, "What ill things dwell in the mind's splinter, master?" At that moment, Pembridge Maccadia impaled himself on Graf Malin's arm, killing him instantly. Graf Malin then knew what it was created to do...

Magical Properties:

Because it was given a heart made from the Blade of the Mad, Graf Malin's strength increases with every human slain.

Graf Malin will continue to slay the humans of Emmurn'raxish until the race is wiped out, unless the mightiest of adventurers destroy it first.

Graf Malin only speaks in incoherent riddles and phrases. Some primitive Orcish cultures worshipped it as it passed through their villages, deeming it "The Riddle Master of the Bloody Claw." It seems to be that Graf Malin is a kind and gentle creature to those not human.

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