Goryen an apprentice to the mage Stysend, was tasked with the nurturing and protection of the region of S'irold. This was not an uncommon occurance for the wizard council. As they used this to test an apprentice. This also provided the apprentice with lessons and wisdom that would otherwise be lacking.

Due to Goryen's gift at creating mystical objects this assignement proved an amazing opportunity. For the 40 years leading up to his mysterious disapearence, he created many usefull items.

The 'key-stones' where one of his most usefull tools. Two pieces of the same inorganic object, are spelled to attract one another. The closer the two pieces are, the stronger the 'pull'.

They can be used to indicate a hidden stash, a specific location or area. Anything location someone wishes to find again.

Magical Properties:

Can be any two inorganic items that can either fit toghether or were once part of the same object.

A low level spell is cast on each piece to tie them toghether. Effective distance usually 300-500 FT. (can be modified depending on wizard or spell level)

Credit goes to Anne McCaffrey for this idea.

Examples: Key and Lock for tavern owners who don't want to show people there room.

Piece of stone from a boulder that indicates treasure location.

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