A glome, what you younglings like to call a hypersphere, is a 4-D sphere existing within normal Euclidean space. As you all know, this is an unnatural configuration. The majority of glomes that we know of exist in simulation, and within the confines of a Kerensky-Fuchida vessel. For those of you who are not in dimensional engineering, a Kerensky-Fuchida vessel is the core of a Dimensional Reactor, that place where we take sheer human will and ingenuity, and make physics behave the way we want.

Piezotronic Harmony

It is a very common conceit that glomes, hyperspheres, can only exist in simulations and under exotic conditions like inside experimental fusion reactors or the D-Reactor. This is certainly not the case. Glomes can be produced under careful conditions. We have created a number of glomes, and have found them very very useful trinkets.

Why a trinket? Because if you happen to be in the 98% of humanity that has no manifested parapsychic or psychokinetic ability, they are just really neat looking baubles. If you are in the 2% that can, you can actually look inside the glome, and you are truly aware of how much larger it is inside than outside. The boffins can explain mathematically how much larger it is inside, they can also quantify how much elsewhere it can hold. These things are academic, and the amount of other it can hold is actually entirely dependent on the person holding the glome. The stronger you are, the more power you can handle, the more you can store in it, and the more you can taste the flavor inside the glome.

The nature of the glome is that there are three axes of force that hold them. The outer shell of the glome holds everything inside, and paradoxically, it is the weakest force, the surface force. Inside the glass like matrix two tremendous forces balance each other: the dimensional force, and the spatial force. Both are trying to overcome each other. The dimensional force is trying to constantly expand, trying to tear a hole in reality. The spatial force is trying to collapse the dimensional force. Between the two, there is a constant tension, and that tension can be exploited to generate and to hold the strange and eldritch energies that fuel parapsychics, psychokinetics, and many arcanotech devices.

The Flavor of Glomes

Each glome is different, and the methods and materials of their creation can give them different resonances. The interesting thing about these flavored glomes is that they can be used by anyone capable to manifest different parapsychic abilities. They can also 'taint' the output of arcanotech devices.

The original flavored glomes were considered flawed and many were discarded or destroyed to reclaim the valuable materials they were made of. The goal was the creation of flawless spheres, crystal based dimensional batteries. The crystal batteries were eventually discarded, creating flawless glomes was excessively expensive and difficult, and the flavored glomes were proven to be more valuable. Alternate batteries were created, using more solid state solutions.

Classical Elemental Glomes

The most common types of glome resonance are the classical elements. The easiest to create are thermal glomes, or as they are more commonly known, fire and ice glomes. These are heat manipulation units, and are inversions of each other. Electrical/storm glomes are also easy to create.

Terrestrial Elemental Glomes

Earth, metal, and water manipulation glomes exist but they are less common, more difficult to work with, and harder to weaponize than classical force elemental glomes.

Psychotronic Glomes

Also known as Strange Glomes, these unusual hypersphere evince strange properties and do things like manipulate shadows, the perception of time, telekinesis, and many other unusual effects.

There are unique glomes that exist that seemingly have no properties, and do nothing, or their effect is highly chaotic. Some change effect depending on how, what, or who is holding them. These are considered highly defective and most that are not destroyed are held in vaults for study, or are used as fuel for dimensional tap reactors.

Dimension in Space Relative To Perception (DSRP)

Glomes, and indeed, all hyperdimensional solids have an attribute of DSRP, their size is relative to the space they are in and the perception of sensitive equipment and personnel handling them. One of the things that has to be accepted when dealing with such objects is that they are not a constant size, and their dimensions will change. There are no glomes that are too big to be picked up, and if a hyperdimensional object is placed in proximity to a hyperdimensional 'socket' the two will scale to fit each other. Once a glome or other 4D solid object is thusly 'couched' it can be acted upon. The strange spaces and structures inside these objects can react to things as minute and imperceptible as whim or mood, or can be manipulated in as simple a fashion as squeezing them. Even the force exerted by a person's hand is enough to alter the interior conditions of a glome, and alter the tensions inside. This can active a glome, especially it if is already in tune with the parapsychic aura of an adept.

Author's Notes

Hyperdimensional objects exist in current mathematical models, and terms like glome and tesseract are accurate. Being geometric in nature, their dimensions can be measured, their mass and volumes calculated, and there are formula behind this that I dont have enough instruction to fully grasp. Beyond the basic shapes, there are increasingly complicated shapes like dodecachorons, which are functionall hyperdimensional D20s, and that is just the tip of the hypergeometric iceberg.

The functional inspiration behind these objects are the ubiquitous materia present in the Final Fantasy universe, specifically the mechanics of them in FF7. They are crystalline objects that give certain gifted people the ability to perform magic, aka parapsychic powers. The stones have a cost that comes with holding them, they can be networked together for altering effects, and in many ways creating arcanotech devices involved installing some sort of hyperdimensional network or matrix into a normally mundane piece of technology.

Manufacturing these is difficult and time consuming, plus, as with all things that are arcanotech in nature, these objects are contaminated. The more they are used, the more they erode the psyche and the sanity of the user, and in the case of the more exotic and alien flavored glomes, their humanity and genetic makeup can end up being compromised or damaged.

Glomes and other hyperdimensional objects are technological manifestations of clathrates, which are normally unavailable to human observation. As the River of Sorrows rises, and human potential increases, mankind is increasingly aware of hyperdimensional materials like glomes and other much more complicated structures.

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