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August 18, 2018, 2:59 pm

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Deifacted Glome


Most glomes are manufactured in highly restricted secret laboratories, but there are a few places where they can be found naturally occurring.

Deifacted Glomes are the stuff of nightmares, they are naturally occurring, yes. But they arent created by geological processes, or the cooling of magma under extreme conditions. They are grown inside the bodies of teratomorphs, as they are on the verge of transcendence. These are the hearts of the monsters, and the transition from megafauna teratomorph to erelim sees their heart condense from a biological organ to a crystalline matrix. This matrix is a deifacted glome. The only way to get one is from the corpse of an erelim.


Deifacted Glomes are postulated from the existence from a single specimen. This glome is approximately 23 inches across, making it not only unique being naturally occurring, but also the largest in existence. The sphere looks like highly polished wet obsidian, but has a very rough and sandy texture. This is thought to be part of its 4 dimensional nature as instruments measure it as being incredibly smooth. It registers as room temperature to a sensor, but is cold to human touch. There are many other areas where the specimen doesn't conform to traditional forms of measurement. Being a stable hyperdimensional object, samples cannot be taken from anything other than the presented surface, and this is difficult to accomplish.


The specimen was found on the surface of Sedna, a dwarf planet beyond the orbit of Pluto. The expedition that found the object, and the ruins around it, loaded the bulk of the material they couldn't reverse engineer or decipher into a long range 'torpedo' and launched it towards the orbit of Saturn. The cargo probe was easily recovered by a capture ship and taken first to Iapetus for preliminary study to determine the safety of the object and the rest of the contents before they were again loaded onto an automated cargo ship, this time a fast light freighter designer for such courier work.

The deifacted glome is the 'heart' or energy collection organ for an erelim, a highly destructive form of an outer god. In the cosmozoan lifecycle, the development of the deifacted glome is the action that marks the transition from larvae to outer god. The specimen found on Sedna was taken from the Imbrian grave of the Erelim known to them as Bekoriel and that empire spent several thousand years coming up with a way to handle the creature, which seemed intent on coming to the heart of their empire to heap scorn and ruin on them. They succeeded in driving the creature into a torpid state, and then created a 'Death Engine' to continually drain the energy from the beast while keeping it entombed. The engine worked, Bekoriel perished, and by the time the Oumuamua arrived, there was nothing left aside from the massive cairn, powdered bones, and the crystalline heart sphere of the creature.


The deifacted glome is as mentioned the hyperdimensional core of a cosmic deity. Divested of it's corpus, the glome is now a usable power source for anyone foolish enough to attempt it. Activating the glome with either psychotronic gear or a parapsychic will open up a tremendous amount of power to the user, a level of power suitable for propelling a ship through space, levitating a small city, or sending psychic emanations across a large swath of the globe.

Inside of an erelim, the deifacted glome allows them to levitate and fly, generate biological energy fields and shields, and to generate high energy beam attacks. Without this, the creatures would simply be too big to move under their own biological power and anatomy.


The Deifacted Glome is somewhere between a macguffin and an artefact. No one is actually going to conceivably use it for anything, but lots of parties are going to be interested in it. It would make a tremendous weapon, be incredibly powerful in the hands of a Desolate One with the PK ability to use it, or function as a power core for a warship armed exclusively with arcanotech weapons.

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