Generic ICM-8 Nestor

Non-hero versions of the Nestor robot


The ICM-8 Nestor is a single machine that gained viral sentience and generated it's personality matrix from the dregs of social media. there are plenty of other easily hacked ICM-8s (plus ICM-1 through ICM-10 units) along with dozens of other robot models that can be adapted to these henchmen roles.


The ICM-Gunner is a conventional 'bot that has been modified. It's arms have been replaced with military 'gun arms' where the lower arms and hand actuators have been replaced with conventional autocannons. The Gunner is a relatively thin-skinned walking gun turret. Having no hands, it requires a ground crew to keep it working. The biggest difference between the ICM-Gunner and any other gun bot is that the Gunner repeats first person shooter trashtalk while engaging foes.



The Bombermanis a mobile mine that laughs morbidly to itself, and then starts repeating catchphrases associated with depression, the emo-subculture. Bomberman will approach its target, alternating between the laughing, making despondent noises, and asking for help in various voices (files its downloaded) and then when it is in range, it detonates it's 200 kg explosive payload.


The Boomer is a self propelled artillery piece, a heavier version of the Gunner. It mounts either a single light mecha grade weapon, or 2-4 infantry support weapons, allowing it to sacrifice it's speed for firepower. This can be quad heavy machine guns, or heavy machine guns and rocket pods, or an over the shoulder beam weapon and a backpack mounted powerpack.

ICM-Bling Bot

The Bling Bot is a Max Headroom-esque emcee and DJ that provides musical soundscore and media playback ability. Attached to entourages, many Bling Bots double as recorders and social media nodes for their celebrity owners.


A Watchman is a security modified robot. It monitors social media traffic about what it is set to protect. It also has a large spotlight, custom sensor systems, non-lethal weapons to subdue trespassers and criminals. Watchmen are not associated with anti-crime computer systems or wojek units. Law enforcement units do not use such custom built robots.


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