Every five years the wandering nomads of the land have a large gathering bringing them together from all over. The gathering lasts about a month. The amounts of nomads that congregate are of such a large amount that they take over a small town that is fairly near a major city. They have been gathering there for centuries and, while the city has been there for much of the time, the small town is relatively new so the have no reasonable argument against the gypsies gathering except that they picked a bad place to put their town.

They are not a violent group, but they don't like the idea of a town encroaching onto their traditional gathering spot. While critical harm has never come to those in the town, there is an aura of mistrust and anger that makes it very scary for the townspeople. Petty theft and property damage is not unheard of and if a villager finds himself alone he may be confronted.

The gypsies are a loose bunch with no real organization, just tents and wagons put up wherever they decide to stop. Most sell or trade most any type of goods and are wealthy in items they have if not hard currency. Others are there to swap tales and stories of sights seen and adventures experienced. Many find themselves a significant other there as well.

After about three weeks they start disappearing little by little dispersing wherever they feel beckoned. By the end of the fourth week there is nothing left of them except a big mess that the town is forced to clean up.

Natives of the small town move away for a month taking all their belongings with them and hoping that the dispatched guards protect their homes. The wealthier can hire somebody to stay at the house and protect it. Others stock up and barricade themselves in their homes only going out when absolutely necessary. Some enterprising individuals spend the five years gathering arts and crafts they hope to sell to the visiting gypsies. It works very well. These may/will have to hire guards to help protect their interests. Many guards are dispatched to do roving patrols to try and protect the interests of the native townspeople.

-Perhaps a new opportunity to gain information and products from far off lands.
-String of thefts/murders correspond with the arrival of the gypsies. Somebody trying to pin it on them or has one of them turned dangerous.
-While browsing the stands the corner of an old map catches the players eye. They recognize the writing or land that leads them'
-Some of the town don't care that it is the gypsy's traditional gathering place. They chose to try and get rid of them in their own way. Murder, fires, random destruction, whatever it takes to make the gypsies realize they are not wanted. But they gypsies won't take it lying down.

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