To protect their most sensitive and valuable items, the Guild of Technomancers has developed security containers with a complex locking systems to prevent unauthorized personnel from opening it. Inspired from a series of traps found in ancient dungeons and the cryptex along with ink tag security devices, a new container dubbed the Enhanced Secure Storage Chest has a special surprise waiting for anyone who tries to tamper with it or force it open.

Even though it is extremely difficult to do so, should you force it open, a nerve gas is released. The primary effect of the gas is complete unconsiousness lasting up to 4 hours. Inside the armored container are a series of canisters that the gas is contained inside. When the chest is locked, there are clamps around these canisters in addition to the locking system.

So even if you break the lock open, the clamps will break the canisters and release the gas if you force it open. Destroying the chest will also obviously break them too. Also, tampering with the lock will not release the clamps. Only unlocking the chest correctly will release the clamps around the gas canisters allowing it to be safely opened.

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