Special Equipment:
Always wearing elegant clothes in the latest style and expensive jewelry to equal the richest noble.

Fullick is about 5'10' tall, lean and muscular. He dresses in the best most expensive clothes he can find and his appearance could match that of the richest noble. His hair is slicked back in a slightly outdated fashion that he insists on keeping. His sharp, regal features give him the air of authority and when his attention is aimed at you it seems there is no way to hide any truths. He acts nobly through and through much to the amusement of his fellow Black Hand Guild members, but they do take him deadly seriously.

Fullick was born a peasant in the city of Fledding. His father occasionally was hired out by the King's stablemen to shovel out the dung and when he came back he would tell Fullick all kinds of grand stories about the nobility.

Fullick began to hate being poor and mastered pick pocketing at an early age. He was quickly caught by the thief's guild in Fledding, the Black Hand Guild, and was put to work as an apprentice for one of the most successful impersonators in the guild. Through his tutelage and association, Fullick was able to slowly integrate himself into the folds of the nobles posing as the son of a noble from the east. With the help of his master they pulled off numerous heists of visiting nobles and quickly the team made a name for themselves in the guild.

Fullick soon realized that the nobles were just rich peasants, many with no real ambition beyond the next party. He now understood that being a noble was just parentage, not the measure of a person. So he continued in the guild, mainly as an informant, collecting money and practicing his swordsmanship. His guild master passed on and he took his position as the top man in the folds of the nobles and he thrived in the position.

Through his connections in the nobility and his exploits and assistance he gave the Black Hand Guild over many years he was given a place at the head of the guild. He and two others govern the guild and control their actions to this day.

He continues his posing as a noble at all times. His facade continues to the point that many newer guild members truly believe he really is a noble from the east. Nobody bothers to correct them since it is their benefit that they think that. Fullick takes the act to the fullest talking in a noble accent and talking about things that are quite over the head of many people. He is eccentric, but deadly with the sword so nobody would mock him for is appearance and acting.

Roleplaying Notes:
1) The players could rob him and then soon after find out who he was from somebody who he really is. Then watch them figure out how to set things right with the head of the Black Hand Guild.

2) He could hire the players on the pretense of being a true noble and trick them into doing something to benefit the guild.

3)May come to the players rescue during a street fight that players always seem to get into. He loves a good fight and rarely would pass one up. The players could owe him one and only later find out they are in debt to a master of the rogues guild.

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