Wiblië comes from the elvish words 'water from the sun' for that is it's closest discription. This golden substance is not only pleasing to the eye but also an extremely delicious drink. It was founded two years after the establishement of Ellivanor, after the trek from Uni-Mith while the elves were fleeing Vlames legions. It was created by the alchaemist Dranor Quillmae. Dranor's people were being raided frequently form the Orcish colony of Vorgul, these were usually woarg riders. Amonst the dead tere were still living though they died quickly as well. Lord Valanair neede Dranor's skills, to creat an elixir able to bring a living being from near death to perfect condition. The exact ingredients of Wiblië are known only by Dranor and his closest colleagues who brew it now but upon it's creation, Dranor took a sipp. The moment the liquid touched his lips he was flooded with life and a tingling feeling. He named it Wiblië for the golden liquid seemed like liquid sunlight. Now, the famed rangers of Halefas carry it wherever they patrol and in steady supply. Many merchands from all over Hamset come to perchase this magical elixir. For a price of nine gold pieces(eighteen silver pieces or twenty-eight bronze coins) Thogh it seems expensive, this substance is worth it all. Found only in Halefas.

Magical Properties:

The magic of Wiblië is to bring a living being from near death to full life.

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