In the days when Pier Point was an independent city-state in it's own right, one of the most disliked rulers was Queen Emma. Like Queen Yocasta after her, Emma was a tyrant who would have not only those that she disliked executed or flung into prison but also the other close family relatives of the person who was punished.

She allways had twenty loyal and well-paid bodyguards around her and wore an iron breastplate under her royal robes so a simple assassination was out of the question.
One of those she had signed the execution order for was a master jeweler for telling a joke about her. His treasures and shops were taken over by the Royal Mint, and most of the members of his family went to the Royal Headsman, except one who had been setting up a new shop in what is now the eastern part of Vallermoore.

The survivor was good at forging metal, and he created the choker with one purpose in mind, revenge, and had it presented to the Queen. As allways with gifts of this type, the Queen had it checked by a troika of three aged and skilled Court Mages, to check for any spells or curses placed on it.They found none and the greedy Queen, who loved such items, put it on.Three hours later she paid the price when the blade sprung out and cut her throat to the bone.

The assassin was never caught as he had fled the scene long before her death. The collar was retrived and studied, and may have been used in a few occasions for blackmail and political murder.

When Vallermoore took over Pier Point half a century after Queen Emma's death, Queen Yocasta is rumoured to have used the collar to ensure compilance in *show trials* which were staged to deal with her political opponents. After Amber liberated Vallermoore, the headquarters of Yocasta's hated secret police were broken into and ransacked by soldiers of Amber, ordinary citizens of Valermoore and common criminals, and somebody stole the collar in all the hubbub. Nobody knows who has it now...

Game Plots

I'm wearing What??

A PC has put the choker on by mistake,not knowing what it is until an NPC points it out, and a frantic search for the missing key or another way to get it off takes place. Can be played in *real time*

Do not fail me or...

A PC has been fitted with the choker by either the head of a secret service or the leader of a criminal gang, and sent with his/her fellow PC's to carry out a mission.Perhaps all the PC's are collared like this.Another game that can be played in *real time*.

Collaring the Cat

The PC's are sent to place the choker on someone either for blackmail or to assassinate the target.

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