1. ECO35 'Coton'

The Coton series of androids is a by the book design that looks human and rather than mechanical systems, has myomer synthetic muscle tissue, and a body sheath rather than a shell. The design has the advantage of being able to use any equipment designed for a human being to use, as it functionally is one, aside from it's obvious machine appearance, being varying shades of blue, purple, carbon fiber gray and black. It has no facial features. The Coton is not very durable, and compared to other machines it is expensive and time consuming to manufacture.

2. LD050 Loader

The Loader is an industrial robot designed to work in logistics and warehousing. It combines the strength and ability of a forklift or squeezelift with the mobility of a humanoid frame. It is large, heavy, and typically bright yellow. The machine is not smart, and works much better as part of a group, or with direct supervision. A single person can organize and operate an entire team of Loaders just by pointing and telling them what to do.

3. BHF03 Prime 8

The Prime-8 robot has a gorilla like appearance with a large upper body and small legs. The machine is designed to work in assembly and construction. The machine is a capable climber, and has the ability to integrate welding tools, cutting tools, bolt and rivet guns, and other tools into it's arm structure. The machines can work in groups, allowing them to coordinate moving large objects and fastening them in place with an almost orchestral level of cooperation.

4. HMU-1106 Crusher

The Crusher is a more spider like version of the Loader, but where the Loader is materials handling, the Crusher is materials disposal. Its large claw arms allow it to carry hazardous materials well away from its body, and most of the time the machine is used in sanitation, hazardous materials handling, waste disposal, recycling operations, and other functions. Its secondary use is to disable machines that have gone rogue or no longer function properly. It can quickly disable and dismember a damaged machine, or a hostile machine, or a rogue agent who isnt authorized to be in the area.

5. WAR-99 Warrior

A composite android combining an armored chassis and myomer construction mimicking human musculature, the Warrior is a large and capable machine. While it was intended for the military, the Warrior was considered too expensive and too complicated, and lost its potential contracts to smaller and less capable skeletron type machines. ElectroCorp continues to produce them in small numbers as a key element of their security forces.

The Warrior combat robot can use all standard infantry weapons, and can also use power armor weapons, including powered melee weapons, though this does tax its power system.

6. RK-3 Sentry

The Sentry is a large robot, 3.5 meters tall. It is made of large amounts of ferroplastic and carbon fiber, making it remarkably light. It is also quite delicate compared to other robots. It has a high end cortex, and is flight capable with a dorsal mounted Jump Pack. The Sentry was intended to be wrapped in stealth armor, equipped with surveillance and spy gear, and used as a recon and patrol machine, It would be unarmed, but would have things like laser designater, tracking beacons, and would call in air strikes, artillery support, and other military action, as needed. The Sentry was considered too fragile, and was turned down by the military. ElectroCorp and a number of other corps use the Sentry in its intended role, and in riot and crowd control ops because of its large size.

7. Classified - Supervisor

The Supervisor was listed as an administration and control robot, able to coordinate operations of other machines without requiring human assistance. It was actually a polymimetic allow machine that could turn itself into anything it needed. The robot was intended to be used for espionage and assassination, as it could very easily pass itself off as another robot or auton, extrude a blade or spear or some other weapon concealed in its liquid body, kill the target, and then vanish.

The liquid assassin worked, but only in special conditions. It could be disrupted by electrostatic, soundwaves, or even rapid temperature changes. The plan was scrapped, but a few of the gynoid test bodies were kept to continue study on polymimetic alloys. Also, there was so weird and deviant technophilia but that was quickly covered up by the company.


8. N-ECO37 'Necro'

The NecroBorg, or NecroCoton is a heavily upgraded version of the original ECO35. It has a larger power core, and a hardened torso, mimicking the form and function of a Cromwell chassis. This gives the robot two shoulder hardpoints for mounting weapons, and an extended powerpack for equipping energy weapons and powered melee weapons. It loses a degree of it's humanoid versatility, but gains power and strength. It is more than a match for the ECO35, and outperforms even the Warrior combat robot. The Necro is still expensive, and the myomer musculature requires regular upkeep, and repairs are difficult and costly.

9. LJ-5 'Lockjaw'

Based off of the original LD050 Power Loader, the Lockjaw uses the same chassis, but upgrades to basic military grade armor over the body, and the chassis is fitted with four hardpoints, two on the shoulders, and one on each arm. These hardpoints can be fitted with equipment like winches, light rigs, or a torso mounted crane assembly. The Lockjaw can be used as a munitions vehicle or ammo loader, and can be used in a variety of other combat engineering roles. It's armor allows it to survive accidental ammo explosions, improvised explosives, sniper fire, or bomb disposal operations. The hardpoints can mount a large variety of equipment, and while chainsaws, mining drills, and cutting lasers are common, the media loves to sell the image of the Lockjaw loaded down with rocket pods and gatling guns.

10. BHF05 Griller

The Griller, or Go-riller, is a second gen construction robot based on the Prime-8 model. It is smaller and faster than the 8, and has an improved cortex and hardpoints in the forearms for mounting industrial gear. This allows for the machine to be used in demolition and scavenging operations, not just construction. The Griller has been seen as a robot of choice for entertainment, as it is considered menacing looking and technically can mount weapons on its arms, with a pair of flamethrowers being a flashy and popular option.

Grillers are not used for combat, they are large and impressive targets, but are unarmored, and aren't programmed for fighting.

11. HMU-216 Vandal

The Vandal is a smaller version of the Crusher robot. It isn't intended for any sort of disposal, but rather is a path clearing machine. It is accordingly armed with saws and cutting tools allowing it to cut a path through the tangled wreckage of a crashed ship, damaged base, post disaster site, or through virgin jungle or undergrowth. The machine can cut through non-armored targets quickly, and is technically used for disaster response and search and rescue. It can also, like the Crusher, use it's equipment on rogue machines or hostile humans who get too close. It can make short work of a power armor trooper provided the trooper cannot take it down with ranged weapons.

12. WAR-101 Savage

The Savage is a close combat and assault variant of the Warrior. It is equipped with two powered melee weapons, a pair of 1.6 meter long hyperedge blades, and a shoulder mounted micro-weapon system. A miniaturized version of a mecha weapon, the Savage is equipped with either a Small Laser system, or a flamethrower. The blades and energy attack system means the machine has short combat endurance, but in that time it can deal a staggering amount of damage.

The Savage is used by ElectroCorp and a handful of other contractors who find it's CQC abilities and lack of kinetic weapons advantageous. Most of these are space ops, where less expensive skeletrons cannot use their weapons for fear of breaching the habitats. The Military found the Savage to be unnecessary, overly dramatic, and too expensive.

13. V1-Hyper

The Hyper is a follow up of the Supervisor, integrating polymimetic allow components within a more traditional but biological inspired frame. It is the female counterpart to the ECO35. Lighter, faster, and more agile, the Hyper has the potential to be a very dangerous robot. It's real power comes from the fact that it can 'infect' another robot with a sample of it's alloy injected into the cortex of the other machine. This brings the infected machine under Hyper's control, allowing it to make a quick army or drones and robots. The machine has seen black budget purchase, though the numbers made and the identity of the buyers is classified.

A V1-Hyper can be reskinned to look very close to human, the ruse only being discovered at close range and requiring more than cursory examination. At such a distance, the Hyper can utilize bladed weapons to eliminate foes, or compromise them. Humans with artificial brain implants can be infected, provided the injection doesn't kill them. Afterwards they suffer extreme psyche damage and mental illnesses.

14. DTN-9 Turboguard

The Turboguard robot was designed to work in police, paramilitary police, and detention roles. It is large and impressive, with manipulator claws, a single lens bioscanner and bio-link system allowing the machine to sync with a human's gesund auf. The machine can use this information to tell the health of those it is monitoring, as a sort of basic lie detector, and to augment interrogation techniques.

Installations and departments that are willing to purchase Turboguards have a tendency to also purchase agonizers for their agents and officers. Both are commonly used as symbols of technoppression.

15. D-1 Deadlift

A more refined version of the Loader, Deadlift was designed for materials handling, with a minor in fire support. Being large and exceptionally strong, the robot is considered human-like as it has myomer components that move and flex like muscle. They are used mostly by smaller warehousing and materials handling operations as it is more compact than the Loader, which is both quite wide and long compared to the more humanoid shaped Deadlift.

The police and military do use a number of Deadlift robots, they can use many team items by themselves, such as door rams, or carry heavy equipment like crowd dispersal gear, or in handling sensitive equipment like sensors or explosives. These machines will often develop an abrasive and arrogant personality because of their usage.

16. SK-88 Suikwan

The Suikwan is a totem robot, designed to look like a traditional samurai warror in full ceremonial armor. With the armor removed, the SK-88 is little different from the original ECO35. It has similar myomer musculature, and a cortex almost the same as the ECO37.

The Suikwan is a fancy dressed machine, and there were other models planned including a Black Knight medieval warrior, and a Gladiator Roman warrior. The Suikwan was not well received, and the rest of the plans were scrapped. Only a handful of Suikwans were manufactured.

17. SPF-02 Steppenwolf

The majority of robot warrior designs are rejected, as most are attempts to replace human soldiers and supersoldiers. The Steppenwolf was not designed to replace said fighters, nor was it designed to compete with the lucrative skeletron market. It was designed to be a cheap alternative to light mecha and avatar power armors. It was a human shaped walking tank. The body was forged out of weapons grade armor, with additional armor plating. The chest houses a pocket fusion reactor, and powers the machine and it's payload of weaponry. The Steppenwolf in it's primary layout has a tandem reloadable missile launcher on each shoulder, and twin 5.56mm auto-rifles in each forearm. It has the ability to carry a variety of weapons designed specifically for it, each mimicking a hybrid of mecha sized weaponry blended with human style weapons, thus it has in its arsenal submachine guns (chambered for 20mm) shotguns (50mm) grenade launchers, pistols, and a number of powered melee weapons for going can-opener on power armor, mobile armor, and urban conflict.

The Steppenwolf is on the cusp of being adopted, a number have been sold, and the design is proving to be popular.

18. Chromax

The Chromax series was a literal nightmare. It worked, and it was a thing of nightmares. The robot is modular in design, much like the Hornet system the Atlantic Federation uses. Chromax can take itself apart and magnetically reconfigure itself into a number of small components. This ranges from detaching arms and legs to do other tasks, to detaching its head and using it is a recon drone. This isn't the disturbing part. The disturbing part is that the robot can magnetically lock its limbs in place, or use that same EM field to move itself around, or metallic objects in it's facility. It does this while constantly generating arc flashes and grounding out it's highly erratic magnetic field generator. This is incredibly loud, generates a ton of heat, and is very bright. Just being close to a Chromax is potentially lethal, and even other robots can be fried by the machine's intense EM field.

Chromax was built to be a space robot, where it would do things like work on the hull of a ship, or in mining operations, and it's intense EM field wouldn't matter. The actuality was that Chromax robots turned rooms inside buildings into electrocookers, electrocution chambers, caused rolling blackouts, and their EM field even disrupted CogNet and radio frequencies. Close proximity to one interfered with pacemakers, neural implants, augmented optics, and the like. Between their quantum circuits and the terror they caused, entirely too many Chromaxes became sentient. And malevolent.

19. N-9 Insanity

The Insanity is a basic robot, sharing the myomer musculature of other ElectroCorp machines, and is technically a very basic, very vanilla machine. The only thing that stands out about it is that it has been skinned to look like a reptiloid creature.

The Insanity was built as a training robot for other robots and paramilitary personnel to fight. While not easy to repair. The Insane series, and their various skins were tough, sneaky, and aggressive, making them worthy opponents to train against. They were only popular among training mission planners, and were hated by almost all other personnel that had to work with or against the. There were always a few too many accidents leaving cadets mangled, crippled, or dead. The Insanity would simply sit back into passive mode, almost seeming to enjoy the screams of those they harmed. Or to watch them die.


20. Mayhem


21. ANL-8 Annihilator

The full military spec version of the Coton series, the Annihilator has full ferroceramic armor carapace over its myomer body, integrated plasma weapon systems, and an internal micro-dimensional reactor. It can generated a phase pulse through it's armor to render it nearly invulnerable for short periods of time, and is armed with high energy weapons like plasma projectors, and a gamma hyperedge blade, a sword that cuts through other swords.

There is one on ANL-8, due to its monstrous expense. It is a more proof of concept than actual attempt at a production model.

22. RK-7 Assaulter

The Assaulter is a revamp of the Sentry. The original's brittle and delicate armor has been replaced with synthetic alloys and a phased shield generator, giving it a much needed boost in durability. The jump pack has been replaced with an A-pod and burst jets to make it agile and incredibly fast. The machine is armed with a set of arm blades, shoulder mounted pulse lasers, and the ability to use rotary grenade launchers, with nerve gas, flechette rounds, and exotic explosives being favored. It is powered by a pair of miniature fusion reactors as a plasma capacitor system.

The Assaulter is a terrifying machine, especially when it is in the hands of a competent robot pilot or military AISC. These are slowly being ordered to fill out very small very elite squadrons of special forces units.

23. RK-9 Sanitizer

Being of highly similar construction to the Assaulter, the Sanitizer is a more frightening machine. It trades all of the Assaulter's weapons, and it's tandem fusion core for a micro-dimensional reactor and a torso mounted Higgs cannon. The Sanitizer can mount additional gear in it's arms or shoulder, but the handful made are simply armed with their 10Kt cannon.

The Sanitizer has been built to carry the 10 kiloton Higgs cannon into battle with magnagogs, teratomorphs, dimensional fatigue events, and other cosmic horrors. The machine will frequently be equipped with a deadman's switch and an austerhagen warhead strapped to it's back. If the machine fails, the detonation of a large black hole warhead should destroy or severely maul whatever horror has appeared. These machines are HIGHLY classified.

24. SK-91 Suppressor

The Suppressor is what happens when the software and electronics out of a Turboguard are placed into an upgraded Suikwan chassis. Faster and stronger, with a more robust power cell and plasma capacitor, the Suppressor is designed as an anti-riot anti-war machine. It was engineered to face the various ronin street samurai, triads and tongs, ninja clans, and other enemies of the state in the ACPS and Nippon. While not supremely popular, a number have been bought as enforcers and bodyguards for various Asian interests. This has also seen a slight uptick in interest in Suikwans.

The Suppressor is a mechanoterrorist and is more popular among the people it was designed to kill than the people it was intended to be sold to. The Yakuza are actually the number one purchaser of Suppressors.

25. SPF-04 Vitriol

Based off of the Steppenwolf chassis, the Vitriol is a CQC specialist, and has a mission profile that fits better with DFE response than riot or assault. The Vitriol is armed with a pair of diamond carbide toothed combat saws, arm mounted flamethrowers, and a torso mounted chemical sprayer. The high pressure variable nozzle allows for whatever liquid the robot is carrying to be projected in a immediate vicinity aerosol cloud, or in a firehose attack that can reach up to 100 meters.

The Vitriol is intended to carry nerve gas or other targeted chemical weapons into combat to counter things like DFE spawned bug swarms, magnaspawn, or other infestations where humans are just going to end up food, or worse, incubators for more cosmic horrrors. It can also carry thermogenic and cryogenic compounds, for fun.

26. R-1 Hard-1

The R-1 is a unique machine, derived from a Loader that was involved in a DFE. The machine was infested with a nanomachine infection, which was later purged by a high energy detonation. The machine remained, and was restored to operation for examination and testing. The internal works were altered by the infection, and many of the systems operate in completely new ways. The most impressive function of R-1 is that is can generate a power dampening field. Any machine or power source that R-1 can get it's hands on is rapidly depleted, the power sucked into some dimensional pit inside of it. This pit, this dimensional well, powers the machine indefinitely.

R-1 is kept in a thermal sealed vault near -120 degrees below zero. It is suspended in a thermoablative gel that is insulated from the outside environment. The power dampening field can harvest energy from vibration, heat, sound, and any other energy source. Encased in a nearly frozen gel, the unit is dormant.

27. V2-N Naden

The Naden is a hardbody version of the V1-Hyper and removes all of the polymimetic alloys in favor of higher grade myomers, a phased armor sheath, and a micro-dimensional reactor. The machine is light and incredibly fast, and it is equipped with psychotronic technology. This allows the machine, equipped with an organic memory core to function as a human parapsychic combatant. It uses predominantly technomancy to access and control other machines, electro- and pyrokinesis, and telekinesis.

There are only a handful of Nadens and they are test vehicles, and were enormously expensive. Each Naden cost as much as a Federation Destroyer.

28. D-X Rad

The Rad is a prototype variant of the Deadlift robot, equipped with a transphasic reactor as a prototype power source. This gives the machine an untrackable power source, but it has... side effects. The Rad puts out a large amount of 'strange' radiation, which alters its appearance even in the optical spectrum. When the power core is activated, the machine slips in and out of phase, it metal shell shifting and changing color, with some sections even becoming translucent, even skeletal at times. The machine functions perfectly fine, but the crews that work around it suffer from recurrent nightmares, mental trauma, and psychological breakdowns.

Rad is an aberration, and while the transphasic reactor works, it is a magnet for transphasic lifeforms, and the Rad is constantly being swarmed over by such invisible things. The large number of creatures around it are intruding on the minds and spirits of the corporeal creatures near them. If there was any sort of DFE around a Rad or any other transphasic reactor, it would cause a rift and a literal bug swarm of horrors.

29. C-2X Shepherd

The Shepherd is a logistics robot, strong enough to move vehicles that are parked, pulling them around as needed, and performing maintenance on them as needed. This isn't fine work, but rather replacing broken wings, engines, ordnance, and so forth. It is a sophisticated machine, and can have multiple layers of programming and can run very complicated sub-routines. Shepherds are very close to being an EC039 synthetic, and the machine is as tough and versatile as anything in the EC0 series. It can drop its programming and adopt its dormant core personality, and activating its original purpose.

Shepherd robots are common in mechadromes, aerodromes, major logistic hubs, and across the solar system. They are not just coordinators, working as intermediaries between squadrons of drones and human comptrollers, but also data miners, surveillance programs, and provide data for CogNet simulations.

30. SJ-55 Springjack

The Springjack is a strange machine, a cobbled together junk-build. It is notable for having scissor servos in its arms and legs allowing it to change its height and reach, and it can jump a long distances. It can also detach it's limbs, but it cannot maglock or generate EM fields, so it has to reel it's limbs back in with steel cable tethers. The machine can be quite surprising, and despite having a designator, Springjacks are made of whatever is laying around, and function erratically and rely on surprise factor.

Springjacks can be equipped with surprising cortices and weapons, some even more than one cortex. Springjack 48 had two cortices, one in the head and one in the torso, allowing it to very effectively multi-task, one cortex controlling the jerky body, and the other coordinating weapons and skills. Springjack 66 was equipped with a criminally insane cortex that indulged in murder at any chance it could get, covering itself in blood and gore. Springjack F had no exceptional flaws, but had a cortex that was convinced that it was a 14 year old child trapped in a machine.

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