The Edgeless Blade of Gnashtooth!

The group watched the lone goblin guarding the entrance to the cave complex. The wind shifted slightly, and the goblin dropped his weapon as if it had caused him pain and proceeded to flee into the cave. 'That's not a good sign...'

This strange object is obviously a goblin-manufactured stabbing implement. It has a painful-looking point to it and seems to constant shed blue light. It it made of roughly worked granite and seems to be stained with blood. There are no identifying marks about it, but it simply seems like the type of cruel device a goblin would stab someone with.

Gnashtooth's Hooman Bane - New Spell

This relatively simple, yet inherently flawed, spell was created by the shamanistic goblin chieftain Gnashtooth Mudunubus. It calls forth the spirit of a keen-nosed cave rat, which is killed in the process of casting the spell, and binds its spirit to an object. The spirit rat can be given simple, scent-activated, directions and its actions are limited to affecting those holding onto the object it is bound to and the object itself. The most common use of this spell is for the rat spirit to mentally 'bite' a goblin when it catches a whiff of human stink. Another popular use is to have it emit a bright flash of special light that can temporarily blind a human, but has no effect on creatures used to the darkness.

What is going on here?

The group, after venturing into the cave opening, found many signs of goblin activity; but no goblins. Eventually they came to an intersection with some sort of small fetish placed around the corner. As soon as the thief moved out to investigate, a bright flash of light went off. 'Ambush!' the adventurer tried to yell, but his throat was a fountain of blood before the words could be formed.

Gnashtooth Mudunubus is clever, for a goblin, and does his best to keep his defenses 'up to date.'' He frequently sends out scouts to collect information of what species is likely to attempt to root them out next, and keys his rat spirits to their scent. The goblins of the Mudunubus Tribe are slowly collecting lots of different ores and minerals from the dwarven tunnels they usurped, and plan to keep them for a long time.

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