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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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Concealed in a fold of space, there, watching, lies, a haven - refuge for a select few, as well as the most precious thing in the world.

Not straight like the surface of calm water is space, it is folded, wrinkled, like a towel cast away on the ground, like the bedsheets after a night of passionate love.
Some of these fold are large, hard to notice by such diminutive creatures as us. Others are sufficiently small to be witnessed by our senses, yet still significant enought to be of consequence.
Inside such a fold, a pocket of creation, unique surroundings came into being…

The wrinkle lies near the coast, on the surface of the sea. In most places, its opening is so small that the surfaces of the ocean on the left and right side touch in an endless swirling kiss, a turbulent seam locking away the pocket within.
Yet a few wider apertures remain, forming tunnels inside the ocean, through which a brave captain can navigate his vessel into the center of this wonder of creation.
This center is a huge ‘cavern’ of sorts - a hollow space within the ocean’s body, surrounded on all sides by a turbulent water surface, with rocky cliffs jutting out of the foaming water.


When Tacontar stole the suns from their keeper, the three-headed dragon Sestyis, he ate one to gain power, and as he was gluttonous and without table manners, crumbs of the dying sun fell all around, and while he picked up all the crums he could find, one of them hit the chest of Jonari Vothar, a knight errant, who fled from what he witnessed.
Furious was Tacontar when he noticed that his meal was not complete, thus he set out to find the final shard, without sucess.
Fully aware that he was not able to face a villain of Tacontar’s magnitude, Jonari hid, travelling only by night, yet still, the foe was hot on his heels.

Chased to the shores of the sea, with nowhere to go, Jonari lept into the waves, begging the spirits of the sea for succour. They have not remained unheard.


Whisked away by translucent hands and accompanied by bubbling voices, he was carried to a hidden place - a rock above the surface of the sea yet below its level, the cliff where later he’d build his fort.


His enemy, dismayed, for his gaze could not pierce the seas, nor would he dare to brave their depths, broke his pursuit, yet swore that one day he’d strangle the life out of the intrepid knight. This oath would go unfulfilled.


With greatest caution Jonari assembled followers even as the world grew colder without the third sun, men and women brave or desperate enough to combat an evil so mighty, mages and knights, mercenaries and peasants.
Their haven would be Ecore, within the depths.

With gargantuan effort a fort was built on the largest cliff in the depths, a central tower with accompanying structures, connected by bridges to other towers placed on lesser cliffs - a stone squid perched on half-sunken mountains.

Supporting pillars were also driven into the sides of the bubble, where the side becomes actually the bottom as the gravity turns, and harbors built around them for vessels of both war and trade.
Wizards and bards wove a bridge of Lune’s light that would appear only when its mother’s face was in the sky, during the time that Tacontar cannot see, for Lune’s hate of him blinds his eyes.
The bridge begins at two obelisks hidden in a canyon at the shore, and dives benneath the waves into the fold, consisting of blocks forged of moonlight, each inscribed with dancing runes - poems to the moon and its mysterious beauty. You better be swift when you walk the bridge, for only from dusk until dawn it will last, dispersed when the first rays of the sun pierce the sapphire deep.

The fort was built of grey granite, massive and sturdy. The constant drizzle of seawater gives it an iron sheen where it is not covered with algae, seaweed or icicles of salt.
Great runes of warding and guardian gargoyles adorn each tower, while sturdy battlements top every wall.

The central tower ends in a lighthouse that is said to be able to rise above the waves should the final battle against their foe begin - until then, it sends lines of stored moonlight to guide ships near and far - goggles carved of topaz can allow you to see the line meant for your vessel - thus ship captains recieve a pair to bring them safely home.

Directly underneath the tower is the Hall of the Brotherhood where the Order of the Sacred flame, as the keepers of the sun-shard have called themselves, dine once every week, all the sages and knights who are present at the moment dine together watched by the statues of the previous bearers of the Shard - those who took up Jonari’s burden after him, keeping the last flicker alive in their chests while seared by its heat. Seventy-and-two they are, all carved in solemn serenity, their faces carved before the Shard consumed them with its fire. How many more will come before their foe falls is uncertain.

Further out, there are ubications, training grounds, armories and vast stores - for merchant goods and provisions.


The public as such was not aware of the very existence of this fort - very few outside its walls are. All that hints at its existence is a small fleet of merchant vessels that do not sail under any particular flag, but rather fly the banner of their customer, whose crews are very discreet yet close-mouthed about their origins, an unexpected assault against the lackeys of Tacontar, or a lone questing knight who asks questions yet rarely answers any himself.

What are they questing for?

Children with a rare gift, ones whose destiny is open, thus cannot be read, who can forge their fate. Children that are invisible to the gods themselves, mortals who still could face a deity under the right circumstances.

That is their quest - to find the future saviour before the Vile Riders do, and nurture him that one day, he can attempt the impossible. Wrest the suns from evil’s grasp.


*Loyal to the home: raised in the Fort, PCs set out to find special children.
*As the flame grows hotter: the Bearer of the Shard was gravely wounded and a PC must accept the SunShard into himself lest it goes out, and bring it into the fort before it claims him whole.
*Into the blinding light: of course the PCs might be those who set out to kill what cannot die… good luck then.
*A mystery so old: a coastal lord is worried about smugglers - ships that escape the notice of his patrols. The PCs, hired to unveil the mystery, are in for some surprise should they discover the fort…
*I’m so evil, baby, so why don’t you just smite me?: The PCs might be servants of Tacontar, willingly, or deluded pawns. "Bring me a piece of the sun…"

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Comments ( 4 )
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September 19, 2005, 18:00
Finished. Any ideas for submarines? I want to add those too.
September 20, 2005, 0:33
This is more than just a simple "setting". You might of wanted to set up a thread in the forum for it.
Voted Cheka Man
November 21, 2006, 13:10
Another good setting.
Voted valadaar
February 14, 2017, 12:05
I love the phrasing and craft that goes into your subs Echo. This one deserves a story :)

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