One of the things that doesn't come up in most games is that living beings have to consume food and water, and then, later, have to urinate and defecate. It's not glamorous, its sometimes humorous, and in game context, it's not considered. That's fine, the only thing I think I would hate more than a survival mode in a game (hydration, when did you sleep, how long will your rations last before spoiling, ugh!!!) would be generate a dive system governing bodily functions. No thanks.


Bathroom humor is almost universally funny.


There is a white throne, made of a lustrous ceramic material, with metal accents. It is a standard issue toilet, with running water, so that a character of any race can do their business.


How is the toilet trapped to wound, cripple, maim, traumatize and or otherwise murder the player character so unwise to drop trousers and sit on it.

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1. The Toilet Mimic

The toilet is actually a fairly large mimic, and when the PC sits, the toilet strikes and delivers a powerful bite attack, damage as per a rogue delivering a killing strike. 

2. The Acid Bidet

Appearing as a conventional bidet, this appliance doesn't give a spritz of water to help wash the bum, it's a spray of acid, right into the nethers.

3. The Tipster

As soon as you sit back on it the toilet pivots backwards dropping the "customer" behind it and into whatever trap you may feel like putting there. Spikes, acid, ramp out a window, oubliette.

4. Attachment

Once you sit, the toilet seat either has a spiderman like grip or a contact glue. You can sit but you can never leave. You can remove the lid from the toilet but it isn't coming off your bum. Hope you have stretchy pants. It could be easy to get off with water or perhaps some honey or something. Perhaps the release agent is nearby and the toilet is actually regularly used by dungeon denizens that know the trick to release it.

5. The Throne

Whomever sits on the toilet, earns the protection of the throne. While in the dungeon most traps won't be triggered by this person and the denizens will avoid them. The baddies will be even more brazen in attacking the rest of the party in order to "rescue" the person that sat on the throne while doing all they can to avoid injuring the person. If the person hits them, they don't realize it is from the protected and will attack whoever else is closest. It will wear off slowly or if somebody else sits on the toilet, the protection instantly goes to the new person putting the other back to normal.

6. Toilet Ooze

There is an ooze that lives in the bowl and when something sits above it, it surges up for a dungeon hot lunch