Full Description
The Dungeon anemone is a surprisingly common creature, generally reaching a mass of 100 kg to 125 kg and growing tentacles as long as three meters, though 2 meters is the norm. The creature more resembles a strangely colored plant, but is in fact an animal that was once related to undersea anemonies.

Additional Information
Dungeon anemonies have existed almost as long as dungeons have, as the dark climate and enclosed ecosystem works will with their biology. the Anemone lives in the dark places and the pits of a dungeon where it excretes large amounts of Dungeon Acid that it uses to help snare and dissolve prey into protien lumps small and easy enough for it's primitive digestive system.

Many black magi have cultivated dungeon anemonies to both help keep their dungeons clean as well as providing ample supplies of acid to fill acid traps and to use in alchemical experiments. As long as an anemonie has access to water and protein, it will constantly produce a steady supply of it's acidic secretion.

Dungeon anemonies, despite their acidic coating and long reaching tentacles are among the least menacing of dungeon foes. If something approached one, the anemonie will retreat into it's stump like core and hide, waiting for the acid to weaken and kill the interloper.

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