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October 8, 2016, 10:35 am

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Dress Code of the Guild of Adventurers Upon Return


Chartered in Royal Year 618, the Guild of Adventurers Upon Return, was intended as a guideline to deal with and control the increasing number of men and women who were taking up arms and pursuing a career in heroism and adventurism. The guild would police it's own, and function as an odd jobs mercenary corporation, subservient to the crown, and supportive of the clerics.


The Apprentice Adventurer Upon Return shall dress him or herself accordingly. The torso shall be covered in a tunic of green, either devoid of decoration, or very minimal in its application. Forbearance shall be shown where there is a reason for an apprentice to have heraldry or other signifying markings on their tunic, such as but not limited to apprentice healers, apprentice chemists, apprentice magic users. The legs should be covered with trousers of a tan or earthen color, or a skirt or similar garment of the same earthen color.

The apprentice shall be known by his or her green colors.

The apprentice is free to wear whatever they see fit in terms of footwear, belts, and other accessories, so long as these are modest in nature and are of either a natural color, or are dyed in the apprentice shade of green.

The Apprentice is best represented by the freelancer or freebooter class, lacking any sort of specialization, and being both young and inexperienced. Apprentices are close to unskilled and low level characters, akin to squires or pages.


The Journeyman Adventurer Upon Return shall dress him or herself accordingly. The torso shall be covered in a tunic of blue, with clear heraldry or decoration depicting the chapter to which the journeyman is attached to. The legs are to be covered with trousers of black, tan, or an earthen color, or a skirt or similar garment of the same colors.

The journeyman shall be known by his or her blue colors.

The Journeyman is free to wear what they see fit in terms of footwear, belts, and other accessories. These items should be modest in nature.

The Journeyman is the basic player character, running from low to mid power level, and having varying degrees of competence. They may still be on the young side, but they are not inexperienced.

The Master:

The Master Adventurer Upon Return may choose to dress him or herself in the formal tunic of the Guild of Adventurers Upon Return. This is a black tunic, adorned with minimal heraldry. Black trousers or leggings shall cover the legs, and boots, belts, and gloves should likewise be both black and of the best order. Outside of the formal tunic, the Master Adventurer Upon Return is free to wear colors of their own choice.

The Master is known by their deeds and their name.

The Master is a high power character, with great experience and competence. They are leaders of their chapters, and leaders of the Guild of Adventurers Upon Return itself.

Regarding Sex: The Guild of Adventurers Upon Return does not discriminate on the basis of gender, nor does it make accommodations on the basis of gender. The guild has a policy of modesty, and frowns upon both 'beefcake' and 'cheesecake' adventurers. Journeymen (and journeywomen) may both be censured should they flaunt or deviate from the code of dress. Bared flesh is easily cut, and the scantily clad are easily slain. Those who refuse to comply will be removed from their chapter and released from the guild, and advised that they should join a barbarian tribe, brothel, or natural/nudist sect.

Regarding Armor: The Guild of Adventurers Upon Return encourages the use of body armor. In the case of leather and light armors, a pigment wash, surcote, or even large sash of the appropriate color is acceptable. For full metal armors, the surcote, sash, or cape are acceptable for demarcating colors. The Guild does frown upon ornate or decorative armors, as this is generally considered the domain of nobility and royalty. Likewise, thorned, spiked, and otherwise 'barbaric' armor is frowned upon. The Adventurer Upon Return is an upstanding member of the community, not a raider or mercenary soldier for hire. (Ignoring the irony of the fact that the adventurer upon return is technically just that)

Regarding Ethnic Garb and Traditions: The Guild of Adventurers Upon Return has a limited policy for the ethnic garb and traditions of non-local members. They may adopt some of their former vestments, such as distinguishing headware, footwear, and such, but these must remain modest in nature, and follow the code of colors. The same follows for cultural and ethnic traditions. These may be followed save for where they come in conflict with the guild code.

Regarding Race: While the Guild was created by, and is predominated by humans, there is no proscription against non-human members. So long as an applicant demonstrates and neutral or lawful good alignment, they can enter an apprenticeship in the guild. The guild does not allow non-humanoid non-humans to join, thus a civilized and cultured bugbear or highbrow goblin may join, a dragon, medusa, or other monstrous being may not.

Of Uniforms: the Guild of Adventurers Upon Return typically has deals and arrangements with local cloth makers, dye makers, and tailors to ensure the supply of uniforms that they need. These are typically made by the apprentices and trainees of those guilds. Being a Guild Adventurer means buying guild approved gear, and as rank increases, so does the cost. The blue journeyman tunic costs no more to make, but the status of wearing the blue means that it can cost 3 to 5 times what the green does. Likewise, the colors of the guild, and it's specific uniform tunic patterns are restricted to guild members only. A person who had gained guild wear by illicit means can expect consequences and repercussions from the Guild members.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Cheka Man
October 8, 2016, 16:10
A submission that grants colour to a world. 4/5.
Voted Murometz
October 14, 2016, 10:06
Now this is my kind of minutiae! (Plus any AuR reference...)
Voted Roack
November 5, 2016, 1:09
It never even occurred to me to supply a dress code for adventurers, but this is precisely the kind of world-building detail that really gets players immersed. Also I'm a sucker for color coding. I think it needs to be a little longer, though. Maybe some additional restrictions to garb based on orders within the guild, or exceptions for very specific honors. I'm also not fond of the mention of alignments and beef/cheesecakery, those seem like system-specific meta statuses, and otherwise this has the makings of an excellent first-hand document.
November 5, 2016, 8:36
The beefcake and cheesecake are somewhat meta but in no relation to any specific system, but rather traditional fantasy art, ala cheesecake fantasy like Red Sonja, and Boris Vallejo, and Frazetta. This could also very easily apply to 99% of comic book artists.
November 21, 2016, 8:27
I can imagine, and I feel like this post embraces, a game world that incorporates the game jargon into the narrative and world building.
Voted axlerowes
November 21, 2016, 8:27
This was fun, nicely detailed, and a good side long view of the 'organization'.


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