The Dream well is a small box about 6 inches across. It has two modes. If triggered in it's first mode it will put everyone within 5 feet into a deep sleep. If triggered in it's second mode, it sucks the dreams of any sleeping person within 5 feet into the box. It can then be opened and any dreams inside are projected into the air directly above the box. This is useful as these dreams can be used as blackmail, practical jokes, or to glean valuable information. To remove dreams simply leave the box open for more than 2 hours. Dreams can be paused, rewound, or fast forwarded with hand movements. Using remove curse or similar magic will remove the properties of the box and it will disintegrate.

Plot idea: Your players are tasked with recovering a Dream Well of the kingdoms queen. You will be paid well, but do you want to know what the dreams in question about?

This is my first post so feel free to add you own ideas and comment with things i should do.

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Does the well steal the dreams and memory of the dreams from the victim?

Old Abigarn had been the towns soothsayer for decades but has recently been overtaken by a local upstart. Nobody liked Young Yazfist, he was a cocky child, rude and disrespectful. Everybody remembers years ago when he demanded that Old Abigarn take him as an apprentice. But the translating of the future from dreams is an art that is received, not demanded. And Yazfist was sent away numerous times. But the young one's bitterness and tenacity should not have been underestimated.

It is not known who mentored him or how he came upon his new soothsaying gift, but when Young Yazfist arrived back to town, he came with the gift. Whether it was disappointment of the gods or his age, Old Abigarn lost his abilities about the same time.

Unfortunately, as Old Abigarn can tell you, translating the predictive dreams is not for the faint of heart and takes years of understanding and practice. Young Yazfist's elementary, and often contrary predictions, are causing chaos in the farms, livestock, and shops of the town as people follow his suggestions for what he foresees....often with dire consequences of misinterpretation. Yazfist continues to ignore all attempts of teaching and refuses to share the telling of his raw dreams to improve the predictions.

Old Abigarn's patience wisdom is needed now more than ever. Why have the gods forsaken him and given the gift to Yazfist the disaster bearer?