Waterfront District - On arriving on the island, one enters the harbor and the Waterfront District. This is not the usual bustle and dirty flavor of drunken sailors roaming the streets and devious press gangs and thieves hunting the taverns. Instead, it is orderly and relatively clean with traffic flowing quickly to the rest of the city. Along the docks port offices are lined with ship captains ready to ship passengers or goods to and from the island. Passage can be found day or night and the fares are generously decent.

The most prominent office is for the Blackrose Trading Company, named after the academy and the lake in which it sits on. This office is in a large three story red brick building that dominates the smaller offices near it. The owner of Blackrose Trading Company was a teacher at the Academy for years, but when an disagreement happened between himself and the Headmaster, he resigned and began making a small fortune in business.

The district wanders up and down the harbor and curves itself around the warehouse district giving easier access for passengers to go around the warehouses and get directly to the city. Roads leading to the warehouse district and the Business District are well marked and visual.

Warehouse District - This district is relatively devoid of residing population, with only a handful of residents to maintain and watch over the buildings and the occasional guard sent to patrol the streets. The only traffic is found during the day light hours. There are thirty warehouses regularly being used with a few more empty except during certain parts of the year when demand is high for harder to get items of need.

There are two warehouses run by Degler and Son’s that they hire out to travelers and the occasional resident to house their goods. These warehouses have small rooms that have been built inside the warehouse to house an individuals personal items and keep them separate from the housed goods of another. These rooms have locks that the person renting the space has the only key. The warehouses run by Degler and Son’s usually have guards posted day and night around their buildings to better protect the property of their customers.

The district sits next to the harbor and the waterfront district away from the others. Roads leading to the different quarters in the business district are wide and straight, leading directly to the places one intends to go.

Entertainment District - While districts such as this are in a lower-class neighborhood where the building rent is cheaper, and entire section of the city has been designated specifically for the art of entertainment. Various buildings dedicated to art, a small amphitheater for music, three theaters for plays, a ring for various displays of non-lethal combat, a small library for those who can not access the Academy, and a small zoo that is well stocked with various animals throughout the land.

Roads leading off to the Business, Residential, and the Temple Districts are relatively direct, with few meandering off in odd directions. The roads leading to and from the residential district are wide and clear with glass street lamps that are lit nightly to ensure the safe return home of every patron.

Theater of Confused Arts - This is a novelty among the population and visitors alike. It is a freeform entertainment where those in the audience have the opportunity to get up on the stage and be an actor for the night. This has brought many would be actors who are trying to get hired by practicing their skills here. Entrance fees are larger than average but the entertainment is well worth it.

Arena - The arena is a profound addition to this district. It was at first refused acceptance by the civic authorities for its brutal functions. There were a few fights that lead to the death of important children regardless that they went willingly to prove their skills it was frowned on. However, it has become sanctified by the courts as a means to justly handle any disagreements not want to be held in court. As once the fights are over, the reasons behind them are done. This has lead to many peaceful fights with less bloodshed on the streets.

Business District - The business district is separated into three quarters, the Inn Quarter, the Marketplace, and the Shops Quarter. Each one separate from the other, yet combined to make the district one complete stop for any business need. This district is the culmination of everything pertaining to business.

Inn Quarter - This is a relatively small section of the district as it only has six inns total. However, these inns are every occupants desire. The smallest is three stories tall and is just short of a city block long. Each room is spacious and the staff treat every occupant the same. Rates are average to high depending on the Inn that is stayed at, and to often than not, many parties can be found hosted in the ball rooms of the larger Inns.

The Grandrose Inn is the most prominent Inn on the island. As it’s name suggests, it is the largest building, spanning nearly five total city blocks in length. The Grandrose is usually for the more wealthy and socially predominant. It is fully functional in that it houses it’s own kitchen large enough to supply to every guest in the Inn, an upscale tavern locally known as a The Pub that is only available to those who stay at the Grandrose. There is also a meditation garden within the building itself.

The Marketplace - Separate from the daily shops, the marketplace houses many other amenities than just open stalls of small business selling their wares. The local taverns and eateries are located in the marketplace. In the center of the marketplace is a raised platform used by one of the local theaters that puts on shows daily for those in the marketplace. Jugglers, acrobats, and minstrel bards can be found playing on stage for those out enjoying the day, or buying supplies.

Shop Quarter - The shop quarter is the most organized of the other quarters and districts. The shops have been separated and put onto certain streets depending on the services that they provide. All shops dedicated to magic are placed on a single street. All shops pertaining to smithing are all located on another street. The streets are well marked and a common marker is placed at every street to detail what shops are located on what street.

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