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October 24, 2005, 1:52 pm

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Derry Pine


...and the crow spoke of an age of eternal night and of the devouring of the sun. The sea will boil the blood of the maker, the sky will flood with a dark pestilence raping the land of all its bounty, and the mounds will break loose what death had acquited… So is the propecy of the end.

“I admit I cannot withstand it’s corruption, I am no goodly man but i do not wish for the end. Too much anger rests in Kadagan as well, who will keep it safe?” Nerrad the Transmuter

Special Equipment:

1. Onyx Heart of Unremitting Darkness
2. Sightstriker


Her people are not outstanding in anyway, brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and of average build. Derry is the image of everything he people aspire to be, she is alive, vibrant, cheerful, sincere, and uncompromising.
She is athletic, and tone, with red on her cheeks form the sun with small freckles on her nose and shoulders. Her smile is infectious and her gaze is mirthy and uplifting. Hiding beneath it all is a solemnity that she sometimes shows in brief moments.

Background:The daughter of Rhonic merchants on the gold road, Derry’s people are well traveled and accustomed to many rises and falls of fortune. At the age of 6 her caravan came under attack by inhuman brigands, he parents were killed and consumed by the beasts. The creatures had thier fill of feasting and paid no heed to the solemn and shocked child, and they left.
Days later another caravan passed and found the child, wide eyed with hate and anger. They took her and gave her to a monastic orphanage deep in the pine forest. As is the custom of all orphans is to take a surname if they didn’t know thiers, Derry became known as Derry of the Pines or Derry Pine.
Derry was somewhat of an outcast from the other children, she paid attention to her studies but did not express much to anyone, she bottled up all that rage and hate, and was uncomfortable around the other orphans. Early on she decided that this place was not for her, she would constantly escape into the woods, only to be picked up by the game wardens and returned tot he monastary.
At age 15 she convinced the monks to let her go, she thanked them and left, with 2 others, the clothes on her back, and a trinket that she believed was her mothers.
It was not soon out that Derry and her companions were accosted by brigands. she thought for sure she would be sold into slavery or prostitution, or worse. Fortunately a hero came to rescue her. A reddish plate-mail clad warrior atop a brilliant stallion. The villans were soon dispatched by the hero who introduced himself as Sir Anthony Black.
As fortune would happen they would meet again, and lead to her ensuring the safety of the world.

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Comments ( 3 )
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August 24, 2004, 22:37
Interesting intro- I would have expected the real character to have more to do with it. I don't get any sense of Derry's personality or needs or anything such as that.

August 24, 2004, 23:08
Was tired, will try to finish it up. (:
Voted valadaar
January 8, 2015, 13:04
The names of the undescribed equipment, and her description are the best parts of this one. She has had her parents killed by orcs or equivalent, and she has been rescued by a prince/knight, so it treads some very well trodden ground here.

I have no idea how the summary relates to the main part of the submission.


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