The rod was created to grant its owner the abilities of a fighter of the same level when using the rod. The rod can become two weapons: a greatsword of brilliant energy, or a shocking chain whip. The briliant energy passes through any mundane armor. The rod is a 3 foot long blue gray pole, on one end it has blue and red sphere on end and two prongs about 3 inches long each.

....|| It looks kinda like that.

Anyhoo, the whip or blade comes out of the flat part on top.
Ignore the dots.

Magical Properties:

The rod is inteligent and it longs to see the final battle between the gods and attempts to find someone who can take it to a god to provoke a great war once more. Its curse is seen as horid by some while others see it as a minor cost, it turns any mage holding it into a half elf female. While held it gives the holder the base attack bonus of a fighter their level. This item is only useful to mages.

In other words this rod makes any mage an effective fighter in battle. They have they same skill with the weapons the rod provides as a fighter of their mage level. Ie: If Lendor the 16th wizard got this rod, he would be efectivly a fighter 16th level, wizard 16th level half elf female. When he drops the rod he will revert back to a human wizard 16th level. Hope that helps.

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