Chaos Insane wears the simplest, most ordinary of clothes, something just does not seem right. Darome wears a normal tan wool long sleeved shirt and undershirt and tan leather pants, although somewhat disheveled. The Bard Aurorum Exletale is around 5'8' and weighs 147 pounds. He has incredibly toned muscles although you could not tell simply by looking at him. He has chestnut brown hair that never grows any longer and curls around on the back of his neck like wings. He has bronze skin and his facial features suggest a being of almost elvish decent. Darome is human, but he carries no resemblance to any inhabitants of known human civilizations. When one looks at Darome straight on, something seems amiss, although nothing one can pick out.

However, it is when one looks into the Bard's eyes that one becomes so utterly confused that they almost seem to be under a trance. The eyes have color, yes, but the color cannot be described. Once someone may look into his eyes and describe them as, 'yes, those eyes are definitely blue,' and then the next second the person will describe them as the deepest red. The unique thing is that they also say that the color had not changed between glances. The simple fact is that the eyes are of one color and one color only, Chaos. To mortal eyes, this is no color, but also all colors.

Darome, being a bard, carries a musical instrument. However, his instrument is not the harp but the tambourine. This tambourine is called Felashi Rikael and will play any note and tune in its percussive, magical quality. Felashi Rikael is no ordinary tambourine. She is three feet across and made of an unknown material from the depths of some Abyss or some Heaven. Her face is hollow and her 'jingling disks' are approximately 3 centimeters in diameter and made from the same metallic material as the hoop. Felashi is not only an instrument, but a weapon. With the weapon description of a Greater Bladed Tambourine, Felashi Rikael certainly stands up to her radical expression. When Darome and Felashi enter combat, the tambourine plays the chords of chaos; cursing, confusing, and inflicting her enemies with random successive and extreme emotions, greatly impeding their ability to perform in battle. Even the undead and soulless, those thought to have no emotions, are forced to be affected by Felashi's Discord.

Felashi is the only obvious item worn on Darome's self and is slung across the back when not in use.


How does one achieve the title of 'Chaos Insane,' or even that of Bard Aurorum Exletale?
Darome Ka'le'dezeal was once a great mage and the highest of his order. However, Darome and his order grappled with forces beyond their comprehension. His order was dedicated to studying, manipulating, and influencing auras; the essences released by something which influence the auras of other things and therefore the materials of those other things. Darome was the leader of the Aurorum, the select group of leaders of the order of Weavers, Order of Alpheri, Goddess of Auras. The chief position in the Aurorum was that of Aurorum Exletale, only granted by the goddess herself when the former Exletale 'deceases'.

Darome was a hater of only one thing, music. He despised it in any fashion; he even abhorred rhythms and poetry because of their effects on auras. When music and sound were present, auras became sharper, more rigid, and less likely to accept other magical auras created by Darome to influence objects. Music granted a certain immunity to all of his and his colleagues' magicks. Indeed, you ask what power control of these 'auras' grants. A Minor Weaver, one person of the lowest rank, was able to change the position of a mountain throughout the course of a day. Many were known to move whole forests miles and miles in mere hours, and still other Minor Weavers were able to fly by simply riding the aura flows. If one can move mountains with only minimal aura training, then what can the masters achieve? Darome Ka'le'dezeal was able to simply rearrange the order of anything, even change the order of the essence itself. He could change stars to living frogs with minimal effort.

All this power came at a price however. To be a Weaver was to walk the edge of a blade thinner than that of grass the rest of your life. On one side, if one does not use their new power enough (for Weaving is addictive and one cannot stop once one starts), one permanently loses all control over the aura flows and also control of any part of himself, doomed to slowly drift off into insanity. On the other side lies the depth of chaos. If one falls down this side, by violating any of the Tenets of the Aurorum*, their being is ripped asunder instantly leaving their spirit behind to wander the planes for eternity.

This path was exactly what Darome walked. He walked with ease through seven thousand years for the act of Weaving other auras slows your own. However, on the year 7777 of the Eleventh Age, Age of Goshira, God of Chaos, during the seven hundred seventy-seventh meteor shower (of Goshira's doing) the seven planets and moons were all aligned on the seventh second of the seventh minute of the seventh hour of the last day of the week of Jaraila, the seventh month of the year. Now one may ask the reason for seven. Goshira's power lay in seven, for chaos chooses the most odd and indivisible of numbers for its bidding. At this moment, Goshira smote the leader of the highest order; that of the Order of Alpheri, for chaos despises all order and seeks to undo it.

Of course, Darome Ka'le'dezeal was this unfortunate being, but at that time, the Aurorum Exletale was entranced in a state of soundlessness, surrounded by every aura superimposed upon themselves. The Chaos of Goshira smote Darome's shell, his sole gift from Alpheri. Alpheri's Gift did not fail. Nothing could penetrate the Gift, nothing can, and nothing ever will, but chaos is not a thing, it is quite the opposite; something without order created to undo all order. The chaos bent, twisted, untwisted, shrunk, and expanded Alpheri's protective Gift. Nevertheless, the Gift, subject to billions of different chaotic forces in that single second, finally seemed to succumb. Alpheri's Gift was turned inside out in two parts, compressing itself inside Darome's head. Alpheri's Gift, now divided in two was superimposed upon his eyes. Alpheri's Gift forever contains the consummate Chaos of Goshira's being. Now it is called Rikael, which means Insanity's Eyes. Darome slept for many days. The whole top of the order's tower had been twisted and maldeformed during that disordered instant. All of the material of Darome's quarters had been compressed and twisted into the arbitrary construction of a radical extra dimensional object, a Greater Bladed Tambourine, Felashi. When Darome awoke, he found that he understood nothing and saw in seven dimensions, which I cannot describe accurately (imagine that when you look at the dot in this 'i' that you also see the whole universe contained within at every moment that has ever been, that is, and that will ever be in vivid detail. Then imagine seeing that but then also seeing another universe inside the exact same 'i' in that universe and imagine that this repeats almost indefinitely. Yea, hard to imagine). The first thing his eyes fell upon was Felashi. He renamed it Felashi Rikael because that was the name imprinted on his mind from the god Goshira (although he had no knowledge of this actually happening).

The consensus from the Aurorum was that Darome had gone over the side of insanity. However, they were wrong. Instead, Darome had actually broken the blade and fallen between both dooms. He was now insane, true, but he was also an entity of chaos although not quite a spirit. The Aurorum had no idea of what had transpired and life continued as normal except for one detail. No other Aurorum Exletale was ever chosen by Alpheri again for she refused to repeat this doom upon a human being. Without unity, the Aurorum eventually split and the Weavers became autonomous and sought only to please themselves. Over millennia, all became covetous of the other Weavers' powers and the Tenets of the Aurorum fell out of all knowledge. One by one, all succumbed and fell to either side of the blade. None other than Darome now remains.

During the cataclysm that should have destroyed the whole world, Darome's mind slate was nearly wiped clean and almost all that remained was memory of his name. The little rest of his mind that remains is changed. Darome Rikael, Aurorum Exletale, (for that is all that is left of the name he remembers) now loves music more than anything else in existence. Darome still loves Alpheri, but remembers nothing of her teachings. Because Darome loves music so much, he placed the word Bard before any of his other 'names' as he calls them. Darome sometimes thinks in random order. If you speak to him, he may reorder the sentence in his mind and answer with a question also randomly worded. However, he usually has a bright, open mind and is friendly to everyone although has great trouble remembering anyone if only exposed to them for short periods. Darome always wears an inquisitive smile as if he does not understand what he is doing as he is doing it, even when he is fully engaged in battle. Darome has not aged a single day since the Chaos, and seems rather to grow stronger, faster, and smarter with every year he lives. In time, he may even recover his insanity, but for ages, men have simply pitied his ignorant, immortal existence.

Special Equipment

Insanity's Eyes - grant 'Seven Dimension Sight'+ the symbol of which is îۼæ, also called Alpheri's Forgotten Symbol.

Felashi Rikael - grants 'Felashi's Discord'^ and can play any song even those not normally played by a percussive instrument.


*Tenets of the Aurorum

1. Thou cannot call auras into being.
2. Thou cannot destroy an aura in being.
3. Thou shall honor thy goddess, Goddess of Auras, Alpheri of Seven Spirits, îۼæ
4. Thou shall not unweave a Weaving.
5. Thou shall not use thy Weaving against Alpheri of Seven Spirits or her servants

+ Seven Dimension Sight is best described as foresight with hindsight with omniscience mixed with knowledge of complete detail of everything at every moment. However, it does not give Darome real power over anything other than that which is in his immediate vicinity. Being insane, he also cannot actually comprehend much of what he sees with this sight.

^ Felashi's Discord is a power of the Greater Bladed Tambourine, Felashi Rikael. When in battle, Felashi plays the Chords of Chaos. These chords stir up extreme emotions within any listener or being within the vicinity of the tambourine. These emotions switch incredibly quickly and to a being with hostile intentions toward Darome, they are usually negative such as sadness, jealousy, confusion, despair, hate, depression, etc. However, to a being with friendly intentions toward Darome these same chords may stir up great positive emotions such as those of courage, love, valor, justice, etc. The other aspect of Felashi's Discord is that something struck by Felashi has every thought present in its brain or neurological center (ethereal or tangible) scrambled so that it becomes dazed or even stunned for a time depending on how intelligent the being is. Less intelligent beings are stunned for a long time while very intelligent beings may only be dazed for less than a second.

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