Dareth Norune

Bumbling young wizard, who could link the PC's to an ancient and reknowned guild...


Special Equipment:


Dareth stands 5'11'', with dark red hair that seldom appears brushed and gray eyes. His frame is thin and his skin pale, giving him an unhealthy appearance. Frequent bouts of drinking leave him constantly looking tired and smelling like fire whiskey, no matter the time of day.

Very quiet, he tends to keep to himself unless he's trying to find bed company for the evening. When spoken to he is very gruff and brief, unless the subject is magic. When nervous, he runs his hands through his hair, mussing it up further.

Although he prefers to dress nice, money prevents this. Usually he wears simple robes while traveling and leathers while in town. His simple wooden staff hangs from his waist at all times. He always uses this weapon in battle, since his magic is not yet stable. Never wears armor.


Dareth's mother was a lesser noble lady in a seaport village, only seventeen when she found herself pregnant. The father, Daragon, was a bypassing wizard that she had been having an affair with. Despite relations she also had with Coen, her own second cousin, she knew who the father was. She did not want the child, but she did not want him unwanted. Thus, reasoning that she was doing only for her child, she declared that Daragon had raped her, a charge he was put to death for. Then she told Coen he was the father, and she had accused Daragon only to spare both their reputations.

Once the baby was born, she gave it to Coen with hope he would raise the child as his son. But Coen was a young wizard himself, eager to see the world unhindered. Shortly after leaving with the baby, he took it to stay with his brother, a man already settled with a wife and home in a local village. Dareth was raised by the couple in his early years, but the wife resented his prescence. They were not wealthy and she felt he took from what her children rightfully deserved.

Once he tired of his wife's naggings, his uncle send Dareth to school in the city. It wasn't an easy adjustment, and he was teased for being an orphan since he had never met his parents and did not go home on weekends like other boys. Quickly he fell to drinking and even more quickly to expulsion.

His spell as a street urchin lasted only a night however, for his grandfather took him in. He lived in the Norune guild outside town and was in the city to pick up one of his illegitimate children. Always scouting for apprentices to help around his farm, he took Dareth back with them. There he was trained as a wizard, but his vices only grew worse under the loose guardianship.

Roleplaying Notes:

Details of his spells and the Guild I leave to the DM, since the systems vary. I used him in palladia fantasy as a level 4 wizard.

The guild can open up a variety of plot hooks, where the PC's can be hired or can even join. Dareth himself has the potential to be great and makes a lively addition to a traveling group. Perhaps they can help him learn his true parentage and seek out reletives, which would earn them a lifetime ally.


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Now who voted a 5/5 for this character? It is not directly bad, but leaves much to be desired yet.

Dareth _has_ potential to be great, but it could be shown a bit more. ;)

The complicated background is done well, though it requires many wizards in a game world, particularly wizards 'fallen down from the pedestal', so to speak. No serious Gandalf types here. On the other hand, does he really want to meet his true parents? It looks like he could easily find them...

Second, why would an ancient and reknown guild want an apprentice with such problems in its ranks?

Oh, and for the spells: no need to be detailed, but let us at least know what kind of magics he uses, or likes to use.

If I would vote now, I would give it a 2/5. Let's see what happens with this character.

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Well, on the whole, I am not impressed. To be painfully honest, there is nothing about this character to set him apart from the rest of the prodigal sons who populate fantasy. Is it a requirement that a wizard/hero must come from a broken home or razed village (preemtive rant strike)


better now.

On the other hand, apart from being rather lack luster, there is nothing at all wring with him.


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Thanks for the comments, this is my first post.

I tried not to make an uber character, more of an average person for the PC's to interact with, an unlikely person to lead them to other adventures and some skirmishes in cities. He made a fun companion for my group, leading them into a lengthy adventure with the Guild. I'll post it as a plot once I have a chance to type it all up.

The reason so many characters are wizards is that in my game world, magic is very common in the east, where Dareth is from. Some of the npc's can be switched to other classes to make things more compatiable.

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A decently detailed PC background, though it falls into the broken home/rape cliche that seems designed to do away with the complexities of having an actual family and all that entails.

Simpler to have no ties, yes, but cuts off an area for drama.