The Concordare Iram are a species all their own, even though they mimic and mix many physical features of every day races along with elemental qualities; Elven facial features with Dwarven body builds of, Orcish features mixed with Gnome, these combinations of physical features seems to be totally random and unpredictable. The majority of the species has very distinct tones between genders. Males have darker skin tones and bigger builds than their female counterparts, whom tend to have lighter skin tones and have a significantly slimmer build.

Around the time of puberty both males and females of the species experience a darkening of the skin as it seems to thicken and tighten over the body causing an almost mummification effect. It's also noticed around this time that the species becomes more easily agitated, causing them to lash out in, assumedly, fits of pain and anger.

Sometime after the puberty process starts, for most, the skin starts to become so tight that it form large deep cracks all over the body, revealing a new layer of skin that can be described almost as liquid or molten in appearance, seeming almost elemental in nature. Those that can't take the strain of the maturity process seem to almost totally mummify into disfigured, horrifying, dried up black shells of their former selves.

Observation upon those of greater maturity reveals a new elemental appearance to the original species. Mature members show very dominate elemental features, almost as if their body fluids were replaced by the element they each individually matured into, flowing through the body, visible through the cracks, replacing the appearance of the species hair, eyes, mouth, and nose features.

Also with maturity comes the apparent burden of controlling the element they matured into. Individuals observed by themselves were noted to have very unstable physical behaviors, their element sprouting off their bodies causing damage to their environment and others. Further seclusion showed progressive violent behavior and an almost self destructive nature, with their element almost projecting off them, growing in strength, almost as if unstable and trying to escape its current body, while the Individual seemed to almost become more feral in nature.

Once mature, the species starts to pair up with others that seem to have the element opposed to their own. Fire pair up with water and air pair up with earth, regardless of physical appearances. The offspring of the Concordare Iram seem to follow the same development process of any other race, taking features from both parents, with no dominate features among the species and no way to tell the element the offspring will matures into.


It has been observed that during the later stages of puberty an almost rhythmic song was sung from both males and females, used to find a mate whom is in sync with them, and always of the opposite element. Concordare Iram during this time show more chaotic and aggressive nature both physically and mentally as time without finding a mate increases. The element of the Concordare Iram seems to want to take over, causing the species great distress in the process. If a mate is found the two seem to almost bring harmony to each other's elemental rage, both pulsing in rhythm and bringing balance between the two.

Without acquiring a mate with whom so sync with, the Concordare Iram start to show symptoms of becoming ill. They become physically weaker, at first, and almost seem like they're withering away. However, at an undetermined point and time, they become feral, becoming much stronger, aggressive, almost unable to take on any intelligent action other than self-preservation, and even that is debatable. As time goes on the body will go into a nuclear stage, where the individual Concordare Iram starts to become so empowered with elemental rage, that physical contact is imposable; a 50ft aura appears around the creature, damaging anything with in the radius, including itself. Eventually, the stress is too great for the Concordare Iram, and they die with an explosion of elemental fury around them.

This same behavior is seen if a mate is lost or too great a span of time has passed with the pair being separated. Should something happen to one member of a mating pair of Concordare Iram, the other will exile themselves to the wilds to die away from the rest of its tribe.


Little is known about the origins of the Concordare Iram. Some theorize they were the first attempt at making humanoid creatures and harnessing the elements by the old gods. Only theories and speculation exist. Usually found in areas with great elemental presents and prehistoric life, the Concordare Iram are a peaceful species overall.

Because of their different builds and attachment to the elements, the Concordare Iram are a prize catch to those who would use them for war. It's not too uncommon for beings that can jump planes to take a mating pair of Concordare Iram back with them and train them for their purposes. Larger Concordare Iram have been seen decked out in heavy armors and wielding arms while others have been seen harnessing their elemental powers as weapons. Those who have found their way back to their tribes have shared their training among others and have started forming small armadas.

Culture/ Daily life:

Most Concordare Iram live in tribes made up of paired groups who devote their time to hunting, farming, and gathering supplies for the tribe to use. Shelters were unique to the individual Concordare Iram whom build their own shelters from a combination of natural building materials. The most common theme noticed among the shelters is the look of the two Concordare Iram's element's combined together, both elements illustrated together to look like each one was flowing/fusing with the other into shapes that look more like art pieces rather than housing. Another note worthy feature seen with the construction of their shelters is the interior design, set up in such a way to help amplify the harmonizing rhythm of the pair. It's theorized that this is done so that the partners can be farther apart with out suffering the effects that come with separation for long periods of time. (more Research is required)

During periods of time when the Concordare Iram are not gathering resources or working on their shelters, they have been seen passing the time with a variety of activities. Some take time to carve basic instruments, decorated with pictures displaying key life events ( the effects of puberty on themselves, finding their partner, an exile of a tribe member, etc.), important locations to the individual, family members, some use gems, animal products, or other interesting materials. Most commonly these instruments are carved with sharpened stones, but older more experiences individuals have been seen using a combination of their element and their partners element to carve the shape and design of the instrument.

Besides instruments, another common item crafted are dolls and masks. These have different purposes among the tribe. Resent observation from a Sage, choosing not to identity himself, reveal the Concordare Iram craft these items for entertainment and ceremonial purposes. Dolls are crafted to look like individual Concordare Iram with extreme detail given to the features of the individual. Home made paints and other material, like gem stones, are used to give the dolls color and a depth of detail to almost pass for a mini version of the individual. As such Masks are crafted in the same manner, but mask are made full size and typically are hung from shelters. ( theorized as a form of identifying who lives where.) Younger individuals use these items as toys, and sometimes they are used to act out ceremonial events.

The most notable event is the exile, or death, of a Concordare Iram. Burials are not known to their society, rather a ritual is done and either a doll or mask of the individual is used as the focus, followed shortly their after by that individuals partner. The mask, or doll, is blessed and given offerings, to help the passing of the individual from this world. Next either a pole or mound is constructed ( depending on if its a mask or doll (( poles get mask, mounds get dolls)) and the item is placed upon it. Usually these mounds/poles are located in the center of the tribe or in a circle surrounding the tribe. Some tribes, most notable those who have had members taken and given military training (as noted before), focus on mask making for their members, and construct large poles with the individuals 'Death Mask' as the top, and carving the pole with either runes or 'lay Lines', to the base, starting from where the cracks beginning on the individuals mask, down to the base. These poles have also been observed, recently, with multiple masks and designs, assumed to be the other members of the family. Some sages believe this shows an intellectual advancement in the race. (Further research to follow.)

Game Masters:

From a GM/DM point of view, this race is ment to be a very early form of life. The old gods used the elements to make their first attempt at humanoid life with no focus on 'race', hence why the Concordare Iram can have physical features of any race. The flaw of the race comes around puberty where the elemental core of the species collapses in on its self. Assuming the individual lives the core, in a sense, starts to go nuclear , building up with power and venting it through the Concordare Iram ( hence the cracks in their skin)

In regards to the effects of not finding a partner, it starts off with the Concordare Iram acquiring a Rage like effect, beomming short tempered and lashing out in fits of anger and shortsightedness. As time continues, they get an aura effect, damaging anything with in the radius with their individual element. these abilities get more intense as time continues until the individual is in a constant Frenzy state, attacking anything it see's, and projecting an aura that reaches a 50 ft radius of pure elemental furry, to which even the Concordare Iram takes damage. Shortly there after, the creature will die in a violent explosion, causing a large radius of pure elemental damage, destroying or damaging everything caught in the blast. Nothing but a broken, burned out corpse usually remains.

Most of the Concordare Iram don't have military type training, those that do have more than likely been kidnapped by other beings, such as demons and devils, and trained for use as soldiers or fodder for their war machine, so it wouldn't be uncommon to see them as shock troops or as guards in areas where their is a demon/devil present.

As for training, most of the larger Concordare Iram are trained as fighters or barbarians, while the daintier are usually trained to harness their elemental powers as spell casters or shaman. Those who survived and have made it back to their home lands have taught others the way of their training and some tribes have advanced because of it.

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