Adventurers are hired by a local guild to collect some overdue debts. Many of their jobs go by with no or a lot of trouble. They finally come across the rather large debt of Lord Hubet. A few questions and following a couple leads the PCs come to find that Lord Hubet has taken out quite a few advances from a couple different guilds. Just enough to dodge the prying questions but enough to make the guilds more then a little angry. Seems it was a job that only could have been pulled off by somebody that was/is on the inside. If any of the loans were only 100 gold more they guilds would have dug into Lord Hubet and verified his stories. As it was though he chose an amount to arise no suspicion, hence no probing questions.

They were all told that the would be reimbursed the past week when his caravan arrived.

More investigation will dig that not too long ago one of the less lawful guilds robbed a coach of a few boxes they hoped contain valuables. They only got boxes of clothes and marble statues for their troubles. But the box of clothes and one of the guild apprentices has disappeared. The apprentice was very new so the guild would find him sooner or later and he went by the name Jimmy.

1)Jimmy could be from a rival guild from a different city sent to infiltrate and embarrass the guilds of this new city.
2)Could be just a smart street rat that got his money and ran
3)Could be really Lord Hubert that doesn't like the lordship too much and only dresses/acts the part when he needs something. Otherwise he enjoys mingling with the common folk. The caravan is simply late and Lord Hubert was simply stalling till it arrived. He knows the borrowing limits from the guilds in his city and simply didn't want a big stink going on about his arrival.

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