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His children are extremely long lived and quite strong and fast (when compared to humans). They are classic Elves, tall, thin, angular features, large eyes, pointed ears, fair of skin, and their hair is variable, but normally blondish light.

The HighFather nominally runs all of Elven society, but he allocates much of it to his boy children. He has a huge harem of daughters... from them comes his entire species. His boys outnumber his girls almost two to one.

The men do most of the functions of society. Women assist. Not because they are weaker or discriminated against, but because of their duty. For many decades they will live among the males- living, laughing and loving desperately. They, like all the Children, are a strong and vibrant people. One of the Heralds then will come and call out their name. They then must report to the Harem.

Once they have contact with the HighFather, the females change. They lose themselves and all that they were. They forgo their old lovers, past jobs, their art, even their own lives. They became docile and willing to do anything to please the HighFather. They soon are with child and will help raise all the children of the HighFather for the first seven years of their life. Once their child is 'away' (sometime between five and seven), they will turn back to the HighFather - hoping for another child. If they can not have his attentions, they will begin to 'wilt away' and die. Unfortunately there are more of them than even the predigious powers of the AllFather can support. There are only so many hours in the day.

This bottleneck limits the numbers of the Elvenkind and the 'replacement' of those lost to war and disaster.

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