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Items with the Charm of Vanity become _____ of Vanity, such as the Sword of Vanity, Rod of Vanity, Daggers of Vanity, and so forth.


The charm itself doesn't have an appearance, but items that have been imbued with the charm are either red from their base materials or are given a red hue by the charm.


When calculating dice rolls and effects with an Item of Vanity, the wielder's charisma or appearance bonus is applied. Armors and shields add this stat bonus to their defense, while weapons add it to either their attack or damage rolls, which varies from weapon. Magic rings and such boost spellpower with the stat bonus, and wondrous items add the stat bonus to their usage checks. Characters with high charisma will benefit strongly from the use of Vanity Charm items.


Characters with average or low Charisma/Appearance stats will gain no consequential bonus to their efforts. A Sword of Vanity in an average looking person's hands is just a weapon with a magic aura. Characters who use charisma or appearance as their dump stat and have a negative modifier will have this negative modifier added to their rolls making Vanity items functionally cursed for the crude and the ugly.


The Charm of Vanity was created by the Red Mage's Guild of Rajashi, the Exotic City. Those mages, who ranked their admissions and membership on the social graces and good looks, found that by giving their magic power adders, the rings, rods, staves, and wands, this charm, empowered them. If these items were lost or stolen by others, their magical prowess decreased. While powerful in the hands of races with high charisma and appearance, such as celestials and elves, these races are repelled by the magic of the charm, finding it crude and offensive in their hands.

Sample Items of Vanity

Daggers of Vanity - A matched set of daggers, these short bladed weapons were made for assassination and knife fighting. They are default Dagger +2/+3 vs Nobility. In the hands of a charismatic Red Mage assassin, they could function as powerfully as Daggers +7/+8 vs Nobility

Shield of Vanity - a crimson buckler, the Shield of Vanity adds a small base bonus to armor class, but the charm allows the small flashy red shield to be as effective as a tower shield, in the right warrior's hands.

Ring of Vanity - a red stone ring, this piece of jewelry adds the wielder's charisma/appearance stat bonus to their attempts at sleight of hand, pick pocketing, and other tasks of manual dexterity.

Boots of Vanity - These red boots add the wearer's CHA/APP stat bonus to agility and dexterity for purposes of running, jumping, climbing, moving silently and so forth.


A very useful trick with the Items of Vanity is that if a character comes across an item that magically boosts their charisma or appearance stat, this stat boost is counted by the Item of Vanity. The power comes off of their calculated CHA/APP stat bonus, not the character's raw attribute bonus.

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