Cervitaur, otherwise commonly referred to as Deertaur, for the eccentric, old King by his Royal Court Wizard.

The shy critters managed to strive on and soon took over the habitats of the original deer.

The Deer is seen nibbling on twigs and leaves by the roadside, while they can make due with grass and other herbs most of the year. Otherwise, they love to frequent the feeding station crafted for then and other scant critters.

The Deer was about a foot, or as much as one and a half in height; which doubled in the new Taur form.

As slender and graceful as the Deers had been; that is now exaggerated considerably. Adding what appears to be an elfish torso between the shoulders and the neck, while maintaining the same bodily mass had its trade-offs.

The Deer is a reddish brown, while the belly and front all the way up to the lower lip is a bright white.

The slender hands have been given a few features; like the white suction cup covering the palm of the hands, and the sensitive, brightly cerise pads covering the finger from the final joint, and semi square effeminate nails.

The fur shifts from the brown summer's coat, to a snow white and much longer during the colder months of the winter.

If they live close to a community, she may develop limited language skills and pick up a small vocabulary.

Naturally, just like any other Deer, they are strictly vegetarians. As a mammal, they rear the young in much the same way as well.

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