Fascinated by: Captain Hiller, call sign Deadshot, has been fascinated by outer space, and going fast, which lead him out of the Harlem geofront into the Atlantic Federation Aerospace force, where he is one of the highest scoring aces, and an unmatched fighter pilot.

Seduced by: Captain Hiller has two weaknesses, pretty women and serving his country, the first gets him in trouble, the second earned him a man-machine interface module implant in his skull, wired reflexes, and an unhealthy relationship with Betty, a Beta-77 type LAI/semi-sentient computer in his jet.

Offended by: There aren't many things that offend Hiller, but the list includes Mech jocks, outer space aliens, robots shaped like spiders and the messed up people who build them, being shot at, and people who assume that just because he is a pilot that he cannot play sports.

Frightened by: Being alone, and there are few things more lonely than a long range solo patrol, which is one of the reasons he has an unhealthy relationship with Betty.

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